Face the Future: Vapid Freakshow Covers Vogue Italia

Sex and vanity collide in the  not so distant future.   S&M undertones emerge and take over the carnal landscape of this isolated Ranch.   A day in the life with rich bliss and voyeuristic intentions have us intrigued and mildly disturbed.  So follow our lead as we take you through this bizarre yet eye-catching display of Fashion at it’s finest.

From the September spread for Vogue Italia shot by Steven Meisel, we are taken to a dark and strange world, with high end appeal.  Watch the above video by Gordon Von Steiner to get a glimpse into the weird world of mystery and perversion, mixed with aspirational sex appeal.

Model Carolyn Murphy channels her best Sharon Needles in this latest cover story.  With dozens of masks, each freakier than the last, and gorgeous styling by Karl Templer, we are blown away by the horror we find looking through this spread.

Thanks to Haute Macabre for bringing these images to our attention, we just knew we had to share it with our readers here at The Eye of Faith. Share with us your thoughts on this strange and telling tale of masked beauty and eerie fascination.

{The Eye of Faith}

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    • Well, that’s a great question, Renee!

      Definitely one that I’m sure a lot of people have been asking over the past year, as more and more “perverse” and shocking images are coming into the forefront of popular culture and media.

      We’ve been seeing it with T.V. for a while with shows like TRUE BLOOD, AMERICAN HORROR STORY, even GAME OF THRONES – showcasing scenes of sexuality, perversion, and gore that would never have been heard of in the past.

      I think we’re starting to see this fascination for the dark side of things really exposing itself in fashion. It’s always been there, but they’re just deciding to really make the spectacle of it all the star.

      For a while, the world of fashion seemed so perfect- every girl in Vogue was jumping, and smiling…but now with the combination of the 2012 prophecies ahead, and all the other fucked up shit in the world, I think images like these, and other works that utilize “perversion” are sincere summaries of where we’re at in the world…..

      I expected this to raise some questions, so I’m glad you did. What does it make you feel?

      There is definitely something disturbing there, but is it that far off from the world we really live in? Can we change it?


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