EOF - 1959 Class Photo

It’s all about invoking the “rebel” spirit . . .

Since the dawn of time, man has been obsessed with finding the

sacred secret powers from within.

Throughout the generations we have seen this fascination;

a power struggle with one self and others to possess this most mysterious course.

Man is faced with a path and he must tread it.

Through nothing more than his strength one should expect to suffer,

But perhaps with the help of friends in high or low places he might get just as

one has wished for his entire life . . .


It’s the rebel spirit who has made men quest, venture, and pursue their greatest pursuits.

For that we have fallen from heaven, and with a little help from our

terrible mighty Gods we hope to somehow make our way back. . .

Almost, at any cost.


For more see the original article E.O.F. presents +the+ Sacred Order of the Golden Dawn.

sacred order 1 Sacred Order 2 sacred order 3 sacred order 4 sacred order 5 sacred order 6

sacred order 7

sacred order 9 sacred order 11 sacred order 13 sacred order 14 sacred order 15 sacred order 16 sacred order 17 sacred order 18 sacred order 19 sacred order 20

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