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THE CARDS NEVER LIE! The E.O.F. at “Toil & Treble” Gallery at The Witch’s Fix

So if you’ve kept up with us over the last 8 years our +TAROT+ Dress is one of the pride and joys of our brand. It is a beautiful image full of iconography of life – various moments we all experience whilst on the rollercoaster. The highs and lows all told visually….which admittedly as artists is one of the Tarot’s most appealing features.

The graphic nature of the cards; their colours and line all make for gorgeous impact, and with its chainmailesque quality- it is such a delight to see it hanging there, as if by magic…over one hundred and fifty cards linked together in a grid-like pattern. Complete Paco Rabanne  (who we must dedicate an entire post to and will update this when we do!) vibes but with a romantic esoteric edge.

We’ve had the honor of showcasing it in two fashion shows in Hamilton, ON – premiering in 2016 in our aptly titled +TAROT+ COLLECTION, and again in 2018 at the Zoetic Theatre for the City of Hamilton’s Fashion Show entitled “Darkness” alongside Hamilton’s top designers.

It was always such an achievement each time we were able to showcase this dress, on a body, walking and moving and seeing people’s faces amazed. It truly is a work of art, which is why this unique opportunity is all the more special.

Downtown Hamilton was lucky indeed when The Witch’s Fix appeared. Full of beauty to the highest degree – a bona fide witch shop on John Street just off of King in the gorgeous Treble Hall building. Owner Lauren Campbell, who began her career in witching on Etsy (like us), offers everything a cool downtown ubran witch might need – crystals, charms, spell kits, candles, occult books, incense, and of course- TAROT CARDS!

At the end of September, a call was put out for an artist to showcase work in her “Toil & Treble Gallery” with the request for a piece revolving around the theme of “Cabinet of Curiosities”. . . what better than a fabulous mannequin in a Tarot Dress in the main window display of a witch boutique?!

Exactly, our thoughts…and whilst the dress is – well a dress, it is also a virtual cabinet of curiosities – each card a singular capsule of one of the many curiosities of life.

Take for instance, the FIVE OF WANDS – five youthful characters in different outfits imitating fighting with their large sticks, describing those minor conflicts you might have at work, with siblings, and school mates….compared to the FIVE OF CUPS- a shrouded figure stares head bent down at three chalices toppled and spilled over not noticing the two full he has still behind him; a curious situation indeed.

“Remember that the Tarot is a great and sacred arcanum – its abuse is an obscenity in the inner and a folly in the outer. It is intended for quite other purposes than to determine when the tall dark man will meet the fair rich widow.”

Jack Parsons

Each card represents a moment in everybody’s life which is why it is such an immense honour to have this one of a kind work out loud and proud for the public to see.

Viewers are encouraged to take a good look at the dress and take note of cards they are immediately drawn to and contact The Eye of Faith via email or DM on Instagram (@theeyeoffaith)!

The dress will be in the window indefeinitely, but we will update the website with news as we receive. Seems like Amanda (the mannequin) is right at home…

Please, if you are in the Hamilton, ON area go down to The Witch’s fix for a hit of sidewalk divination and pay Lauren a visit. Let her know The Eye of FaithThe Eye of Faith recommended her shop.

This one-of-a-kind piece of fashion art is also available for purchase in our {SHOP} so follow the top menu link, or the banner link below to visit, or click here for a direct link to the listing!

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{MUSIC MINUTE} “So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings” by Caroline Polachek

So keeping on the spirit of SCORPIO SEASON and conjuring the darkness and all that fun stuff Scorpio instigates in us all. . . here is a wicked little tune from CAROLINE POLACHEK who seems to have a lot of people talking!

Especially this video where she does some quirky choreography in the pits of HELL! Her outfit is 1000% inspired by THE CRAFT, and this visual juxtaposition with the absolutely heavenly quality of her voice is both bizarre and magnificent!

You may know her from the indie band CHAIRLIFT she co-founded when she was at the University of Colorado (maybe that’s when the darkness set it…Colorado is notorious for that ie. The Blue Mustang pictured above).

Enough talk, lets dive into the deep!

Hope you enjoyed! Let us know in the COMMENTS below…

Until next time,




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{MUSIC MINUTE} “Season of the Witch” x Lana Del Rey

Scorpio season has gotten us all feeling a little witchy don’t you find??? The veil between worlds is thin, and Scorpio calls for some deep transformation…what skin are you shedding?

While you ponder these thoughts…amuse your mind with this wicked video by MERMAID MOTEL who puts so much love and energy into splicing world cinema to banging grooves…every video on her channel is world class, but this one stood out today!

Please enjoy Donovan’s classic “Season of the Witch” performed by Lana Del Rey to the 2016 film “The Love Witch” (you would swear it was made in the 1960s…they got that campy Valley of the Dolls aesthetic on fleek!).

 When YOU look outside your window, what do YOU see??

We were actually lucky enough to see supermodel supreme Karen Elson perform this in Toronto a few years back…

Must be the season of the Witch!

Until next time,




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{STYLE IDOL} HELMUT BERGER (Doesn’t Give a Fuck!!!)

Helmut Berger is what I consider a perfect artist – very serious in his craft, intelligent in his thoughts, without any time or patience for “bullshit” or empty phrases that litter many people’s everyday lives, conversations and relationships.

Alexander Tuschinski, article about working with Berger on the film Timeless in 2015.

Helmut Berger doesn’t give a fuck what you think about him.

A icon of beauty, sex, and hedonism – the actor experienced great attention through the late 60s and 1970s for his work in film, most particularly with iconic Italian film maker Luchino Visconti whom took Berger under his wing as a muse in art and love.

How couldn’t he? When Visconti first cast the young and rebellious Austrian actor in his film Le Streghe (The Witches) in 1967, it was clear this was a rare star coming closer into orbit, and soon he was doing one iconic role after another playing Martin Von Essenback in The Damned (dressing in Dietrich drag in one of the film’s pivotal moments), King Ludwig II of Bavaria (earning him a David Di Donatello Award for Best Actor), and the title role in the flashy mod remake of Oscar Wilde’s classic – Dorian Gray.


He was also the first man to ever grace the cover of VOGUE alongside girlfriend Marisa Berenson – not surprising considering his classic beauty.

Those smouldering eyes, that golden blonde hair, his brooding masculinity mixed with a distinct dandy elegance – its a combination we don’t see in celebrities today.

On screen and off screen, Helmut Berger is definitely an idol of style we need to praise! So, here’s a classic {STYLE IDOL} collection of wicked photos of this bad ass legend of cinema to muse over and inspire your personal sense of style!

Yes, I am tainted by the beautiful things in life. But to all those who only want to see me as an agent provocateur and an eccentric I can only say: With every day of my life the number of people I don’t give a damn about grows and grows.

-Helmut Berger

As portrayed in the intensely provocative documentary by Andreas Horvath, Helmut Berger is a rebel without a cause – full of spunk, a lust for life, and a certain je na sais quois that really make a star ignite.

Not many people have the balls to to live as loud as this guy, so major props to him for that; and despite his seemingly reckless antics, we can’t deny the beautiful tapestry of work this man has created with his art and contributions to the legacy of cinema and of course, classic bad ass style!

For the most part, off duty, he’s a very classic jeans and oxford shirt kind of guy, but I love the extravagance and opulence he is able to pull of in many of his film roles, that I believe many other actors would have had a hard time making believable.

Tres chic and a bit of a rebel- Helmut Berger should definitely be at the top of your list for all-time style icons if you are into that kind of thing. We started this blog to help promote the beauty of the {past}, so hopefully we’ll be seeing a little more Helmut Berger realness in the near {future}.


What frightens you, what you see or what you don’t?

-Helmut Berger in Salon Kitty


Hope this was a good one for you! We love compiling these {STYLE IDOLS & DIVINITIES} for you guys, so let us know what you thought in the comments below!

Also, let us know if you have some interesting ideas!

Keep up with us on INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK!

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{NEW} Vintage Favourite Finds [Mens Style Edition – December 2017]


“Concision in Style, Precision in Thought, Decision in Life”

Victor Hugo


Mens style is an exciting world these days! So many more options are available, and many style savvy gentleman are taking bigger and bigger risks. And while the minimal normcore trend will probably never die, we see many houses veering towards maximalism, and when it comes to luxury- isn’t that what its all about?

Many of these styles are of course inspired by or even replicas of the past, which is why we are always so faithful to our vintage life. So many high end looks and styles can be easily conjured with time traveled pieces that embody so much more character and history.

Why bother paying to look like everyone else? We’ve compiled some of our “new” vintage finds that embody the vibe of the season. Somewhat classic, somewhat eclectic, and overall timelessly cool.


Be the toast of the party!  


T TO PIT: 22″


Classic 1960s / 60s Vintage Blue Metallic Floral Paisley Brocade Rockabilly Glam Skinny Necktie

Rock n Roll elegance. Metallic brocade for a unique twist on a classic look. 

Major GUCCI vibes…


Luxe 1970s / 70s Vintage Mens Navy Blue Floral Lace Chic Dapper Short Sleeve Party Shirt

Every major fashion label is snapping up this vibe. Vintage lace party shirts forever! 




Repurposed Vintage Bad Ass Hand-Painted One of a Kind Skeleton Bones Motorcycle Bomber Jacket

We like to get creative here at The Eye of Faith, and here is a piece that showcasing the fruits of our labor! Taking a black genuine leather motorcycle jacket – we decided to give it a more bad ass twist with some skeleton bones. For the wild at heart . . . 




Wicked Vintage Mens “Creamon’s Cutter” Black and Neon Retro Rockabilly Rayon Bowling Shirt

Marlon Brando, Jimmy Dean, Elvis . . . countless style icons have rocked the iconic bowling shirt look; now you can, too! Love the black and bright neon contrast for a timelessly cool twist. 




Vintage Dramatic Mens Black and Gold Comedy & Tragedy Theatre Motif Cuff Links

Classical drama at its finest . . .  great stocking stuffer for that special lover of the theatre!


Handmade Designer One of a Kind Repurposed Exotic Graphic Tapestry Mustard Yellow Velvet Silk Fringe Kimono Party Robe

Inspired by iconic rock n roll boho legend Mick Jagger, and ready to rock! We took a 1960s vintage tapestry with vintage mustard yellow velvet and vintage silk fringe to create this one of a kind party robe that is as much a part of the future, as it is the past! 



Wild 1990s / 90s Vintage All Over Nautical Chain Graphic Print Bomber Party Jacket

With the upcoming release of Ryan Murphy’s AMERICAN CRIME STORY: VERSACE the world is bound to see an influx of maximalist luxe pieces like this one! Really cool black and white graphic with nautical chain and compass motifs throughout. Really rocking piece to turn heads at that special party…




Rare 1940s / 40s Mens Vintage Japanese Black Red & White Hand Blocked Oversized Kimono Robe

This piece is great for the street or the scene – great to dress up for the party, or wear comfortably with jeans and t-shirt. Love seeing more and more oversized kimono robes on the runways, and here’s where the vibe all started! This piece is from the 1940s and is definitely ready to rock!



Cool Vintage 1970s / 70s Cross & Boat Mysterious Secret Society Prophet Silver Pewter Ring

Every man needs a cool statement ring. This one is mysterious, and oozing with style!  Great quality compared to the cheap knockoffs you will find on the market these daze…


Chic 1980s / 80s Mens Vintage Designer GIVENCHY Black and White Barley Tweed Tailored Blazer Sports Coat

Givenchy called . . . they’re looking for a style savvy individual to rock this wicked chic 1980s mens barley tweed blazer with unique designer cut. Dapper AF. Total upper echelon – you can’t go wrong!




Some people might say fashion is frivolous, but its truly the physical embodiment of what you want people to see when they see you – so why look anything less than your best?

For us, when you are having a bad day – you throw on a wicked outfit and its improved tenfold. You should do the same.

Remember XIXIXI gets you 25% OFF on EVERYTHING in the {SHOP}

so be sure to peruse all the options we have available

and stay tuned for more!


Until we meet again,




A KARAOKE CABARET takes on an 80s New Years Eve Party at @casbahhamilton via @riskybiz80s


We are psyched to announce that will be hosting a very special KARAOKE CABARET in The Casbah Lounge on New Year’s Eve in conjunction with Risky Business 80s NYE Beach Party !

And in true The Eye of Faith fashion we will also be hosting and judging an 1980s-themed costume contest for all you fun people who like to dress up and look radical!!!

Tickets are $15 advance from Dr. Disc and The Casbah (or email us at or $20 at the Door!

We will have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes for the winners all before the clock strikes 12 . . . so if you are in the Hamilton, ON area come on down and help us bring on 2018 with a bang!

Special thanks to DJ Mark at Dr. Disc for bringing us on board to assist the Risky Business team in bringing you optimal fun and amusement!

Hope to see you there!

Until we meet again,




Vintage Mens Fashion {Style-Wise} Rebel Session Featuring “Child Star”

This is a bit of a throwback, but we just cannot get over this lil’ juvenile delinquent and his bad-ass style!!!!

The Eye of Faith Vintage 11.11.11.

eof snapshot- feb 28 2014- child star- vintage mens fashion inspiration- bad ass americana


Look at this kid. What’s his deal? 

He was arrested on Valentine’s Day, of all days, also . . . 

California Boys are undeniable, after all. 

It’s all in the hair. Look at it go.

All slicked back, and such.

If this boy can get it done.

So can you!

I believe. Have faith also. 

Keeping your own personal eye of faith helps conjure your destiny. 

Believe it or not. You can do anything.

But best stick to being you.



We are all child stars . . . 



Until next time,



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{MUSIC MINUTE} Brigitte Bardot’s “Harley Davidson”


Brigitte Bardot

{b. September 28, 1934}


I think its safe to say that Brigitte Bardot is fucking gorgeous.

Timelessly, so . . . a hundred years from now, we will rave on about her beauty.

A thousand years from now her face will emblazon the minds of youth tribes declaring her their new goddess.

Perhaps, that last bit is a bit of a stretch.

Currently searching for good tunes for the catwalk.

Came upon this, and just had to post based on our ever-current musing over biker culture.

Please enjoy!


“Harley Davidson”

{circa. 1967}

Now lets channel some vibes, people!

Conjure those style spirits!

Escape the Everyday.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Vintage Harley Davidson “Righteous Ruler” Embossed Acid Washed Denim Jacket

Courtesy of The Eye of Faith {SHOP}

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