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{MUSIC MINUTE} “Bad and Boujee” x “September” Soul Train Mash-Up!

when you try to be some lavish bitch, but you know you’re not.


The {PAST}, {PRESENT}, and {FUTURE} are always in beautiful syncopation with each other, and we’re not just talking style! Yes, there is a rising popularity in shopping and wearing vintage (HALLELUJAH!), and more and more high fashion designers are ripping from vintage styles- but we see this trend in movies and music, too!

Would a show like “Stranger Things” even be as popular if it weren’t set in the 80s? And we keep seeing an influx in nostalgia everywhere you go.

Give it up for Ric Wilson‘s ridiculously awesome mash-up of Migo’s hit song “Bad and Boujee” with Earth, Wind, & Fire’s iconic song “September” for a wicked funky take on this song that never ceases to make you want to put on a wicked outfit and look fly AF.

Take a listen!

We know it’s not everyone’s cup a’ tea, but you can’t deny how perfectly these two jams sync up – not to mention how awesome it is always to watch Soul Train dancers shred the dance floor.

So, in this spirit, we were inspired by both the “Bad and Boujee” video, as well as the funkedelic soul of the 1970s to bring you a few options to invoke the spirit!

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top left to bottom: 

  1. Psych Rock 1970s Vintage Orange and Black Abstract Graphic Maxi Party Dress
  2. 1940s Mens Vintage Hand Blocked Graphic Print Kimono 
  3. Lavish 1980s Mens Vintage Slouchy Playboy Graphic All Over Silk Shirt
  4. 1980s Vintage Oversized Gold Metallic Party Trench Coat
  5. Luxe 1980s Fuzzy Black Mohair Gold Metallic Graphic Sweater
  6. Vintage Distressed Gold Foil Embellished Spike Camo Army Jacket
  7. 1960s Black, Red, Neon Yellow Mexican Blanket
  8. Vintage Rock N Roll Black Leather Trouser w/ Zipper Details
  9. Chic 1980s Mens Vintage GIVENCHY Barley Tweed Blazer
{click here}

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Love hearing from you, so don’t be shy. . .

Until next time,




{MUSIC MINUTE} LANA DEL REY’s “LOVE”: Is there life on Mars???


“It’s like she’s the only one that gets me”

                              {the internet}


We are proud to admit that we are absolutely obsessed with Lana Del Rey (along with the rest of the internet) – her melancholic croons and her unapologetic approach to bringing the {past} to the {present}, truly mirrors our own approach at The Eye of Faith to try and shape our {future}.




So, of course, we have been buzzing over her latest video drop just the other day for her new single “LOVE”. How apropos…

In true Lana style, her team takes us on a sweeping visual journey from grainy 1960s black and white realness to a dreamy extraterrestrial getaway for a pack of beautiful wayward youth. It’s like a picture from a dream; and no artist can really capture that mysteriously nostalgic vibe of needing to “escape our everyday” – I mean, who doesn’t want to escape to another planet with their best friends?

Truly breathtaking moments that conjure up feels from “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” and Lars Von Trier’s “Melancholia“. From floating trucks and many moons, to the spot on psych rock styling – this video is truly one of her greatest, and is not to be missed.

Vintage inspired posters of Lana Del Rey have been spotted plastered across the streets of Los Angeles, and elsewhere in California, so expect a big resurgence of the 21st Century’s truly unique Pop Diva this coming year!

Knowing how you feel about the things we love, we truly thought you’d appreciate “LOVE” by Lana Del Rey. Marvel at how so many inspirations truly have come to play to make this video come to life. That is what is so great, and important about staying {style-wise} – creatively, it can allow you to create a much richer and deeper experience which is exactly why we began The Eye of Faith in the first place!

So do enjoy the video below, and leave your comments when you are done, and stay tuned for more to come!

My Soul.
I summon to the winding ancient stair;
Set all your mind upon the steep ascent,
Upon the broken, crumbling battlement,
Upon the breathless starlit air,
“Upon the star that marks the hidden pole;
Fix every wandering thought upon
That quarter where all thought is done:
Who can distinguish darkness from the soul

-William Butler Yeats, excerpt from “A Dialogue of Self and Soul”


Until we meet again,



“Inspire Me, Witch!”





{Aubrey Beardsley}


{Saskia De Brauw}

Hats Off to You - Vintage Style Inspiration - The Eye of Faith - hats and masks

{Hailee, Chloe, Elle, and Natalia.}


rom-a-book-by-the-italian-naturalist-ulisse aldrovandi

That Shirt Says Wicked








Rider Tarot Card- Il Diavlo.

Feeling witchy?




E.O.F. SNAPSHOT OF THE DAY {April 16, 2014}


+Prada Meinhof +

1. Descriptive of those participating in political causes or campaigns who see marches or demonstrations as an alternative fashion show with themselves as the main model.

We have been busy bee’s running our new shop on James St. N, here in Hamilton, but we will never forget out online fan following that’s gotten us this far! Here’s some eye-candy to keep you going until you get a chance to check out our basement shop. 

And remember to stay connected and follow us on our Facebook page for constant updates and more cool visuals!

126 James Street North



Until next time,



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Enjoy this {STYLE STORY} offering  from THE EYE OF FAITH!

A journey that started at night, this is a tale of wandering; wandering thoughts, wandering hearts, and wandering souls.

The city can bring together strangers, while it can also tear those closest apart. Amongst the storefronts, sidewalks, lane ways, and hidden passages – you are bound to find that sacred recluse you have been seeking to find.

Inspiration was taken from wild nights had late at night on the street, rebel gang boys and bad girls of the 1950s, “Rebel Without a Cause“, and the work of film master Wong Kar Wai. We threw it all together  for one hell of a wild ride on the neon streets and shadows of the Junction.

As promised, we decided to preview some of our women’s collection in this shoot so all our faithful lady friends definitely have something to look forward to! We will be photographing and adding our women’s wear over the next few weeks, so keep your {EYE}s open on our {SHOP}.

We were also lucky enough to have our good friend Lydia join us for a shoot, which was more than a pleasure! She is a fantastic model with amazing abilities, so it was pure magic to have her with us on set. Lots of love, Lydia! Lots of love!

So enough messing around, please take part and check  it all out! After all, we made this for you!

Let E.O.F. take you to the “DAZE OF BEING WILD“.

Hope you all enjoy!

Would love to hear your feedback on the photos and looks, so please leave your comments below. Make sure to let your friends know what they are missing!

<FACEBOOK yet, please do! >>

Also, thanks so much for all the support! It really means a lot.




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Lovely Lydia {Vintage Style Inspiration}

You might remember the outrageously gorgeous Lydia from our Style Story “Daze of Being Wild“, and here’s some shots from a private session we were able to do together!

Lydia is a great friend to The Eye of Faith, and what we caught was beyond magic! We took disparate vintage finds and created an outfit that was 50s Fresh! A little sweet, a little sexy, and a little rock ‘n’ roll – just like Lydia!

Here are a few of our favorite shots arranged in a set we aptly named “Lovely Lydia“.

Please enjoy!

Lydia wore a 1980s Sparkly Knit with Angora Sleeve Sweater from THE EYE OF FAITH, Vintage Black Leather Cigarette Pant from THE EYE OF FAITH, Red Skyscraper Shoe by VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, White Gloves with Pearls from THE EYE OF FAITH.

Until next time,


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Music Minute: “Feel Flows” by The Beach Boys

“Feel Flows” all day and night long with this track from The Beach Boys…

Every time it plays, we like to let the waves take over and go for the ride. Their smooth harmony is definitely the secret remedy to all your cares and worries.

Released in 1971 with their album Surf’s Up, the song was featured in the 1972 surf documentary “5 Summer Stories”, which would lead to the second-coming of the Surf Movie (The first being the ever iconic “Endless Summer” whose poster has become an ever popular go-to graphic). Many fans consider it “one of the best surf films ever made”.

Here’s a short Prologue for the film provided by The Surf Shop!

The Surf-Film genre is still an ever-popular genre today, with a quickly growing audience that loves to embrace the tide, the beauty of nature, and above-all adventure! In fact, the influence of nostalgia for surfing day past can be seen in many of the industry’s top brand names.

Who can blame them? The allure of water and the ocean is about as old as time itself. Not to mention, it’s a great way to play off of time-tested classics, and create something new!

Band of Outsiders

Alexander McQueen


God of the Surf - Galveston - Vintage Photograph - The Eye of Faith {SHOP}

{DETAIL} GOD OF THE SURF – Galveston, Teas [circa. 1970s]

8 x 10 , Original Vintage Photograph

Unknown Photographer.





The Eye of Faith {SHOP} Online Vintage from Toronto


Why not do it your way ?! We make it easy.

Check out our Spring/Summer 2013 Stock in the {SHOP} today. 

Until next time,



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E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {February 25, 2013}

David Bowie and Debbie Harry- vintage style idols - the eye of faith




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E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {October 9, 2012}

{“She’s never been the same after her trip from Oz.”}
We can’t stop listening to the New Bond theme, make sure you check out our past post, also be sure to take a look at Daze of Being WILD!

{The Eye of Faith}

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Lucky number 21, it seems…

Do you have what it takes to make it through those long, cold, fall, and winter months? It may be all sunshine now, but you know that it is coming. I can hear it’s whisper just softly over the wrestling hum of the passing trains…

There aren’t many lucky people out there who can decide their own fate. I’ll take it that you are a lucky one who can…

The mall may me overflowing with stock, but something deep inside of you can’t commit spending another hour roaming its glass walls and shiny floors. Nothing seems to stand out anymore. You think you might need a coffee. Try to commit once more, and no, you’re back to the beginning again.

That combative force is trying to tell you to be free. Believe in me, you have to be free.

Now, in honor of the Fall we have permitted 21 new looks to our collection of stuff in the {SHOP}. What better for the months ahead, than to have for yourself the perfect sweater. A truly versatile article of fashion clothing. If you’re smart about it, a good sweater is something that can truly last a lifetime. If you haven’t been truly concentrating, you might trick yourself to buying a piece that isn’t ready to last even a year.

It’s one of those things, but we were committed to not only find some select pieces which stand the test of time for their inherent style, but also ones that have shown they have held up over the many years with hardly a trace of wear. Guaranteed if it has lasted between 30-60 years, it is most likely going to last another.

If you’re like us, you believe a great stand out sweater can really make an impact, and it’s important to have a lot of them. You can dress them up with a pair of nice pants, or be really casual in jeans…you can layer shirts underneath them, heck, you can even layer knits on top of each other! The combinations really are endless….

There’s a fascinating article about knits for men at Clothesonfilm. Check it out to learn more about the history of knitwear, and how sweaters were used to create the perfect anti hero of Tom Hardy for the film “Lawless“. (click here)

And ladies, don’t be shy either! A sweater is a sweater. If you like it – go for it! Go big or go home.

Speaking of going big, we naturally don’t expect you to have to go over the top with your budget when it comes to looking good. That’s the great thing about vintage! You can really find some great things out there – best part is we make it easy to look good and save. Each sweater ranges in price from $24 – $60.

We’re also running a promo for 25% OFF ALL SWEATERS until the 10th of October. So best check out the ones you like now, because who knows where it might be going. Use code SRETAEWS when you’re ready to CHECK OUT!

So whether you want one or them all, we definitely believe we have +21 SWEATERS+ that really say F%#^$@ ! It all comes back to what we were saying with having choice. You make yours.






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