This is another REPOST of a popular topic here: HALLOWEEN!!!! We sure have a reputation for keeping it spooky (since 2011!) so THANK YOU to everyone who helped get us to where we are today with this humble treasure trove of vintage musings…TRICK or TREAT? It’s Halloween, and we thought that called for a special…


+KNIGHTS OF THE SANDCASTLE + There once was a mysterious band of knights who roamed and raved their days and nights along the banks of the cool dark waters. Young and wild, they howled at the moon like the wolves, and on the clear days when the sun seemed to sparkle like diamonds on their…

Commercial Break: Suspiria! (1977)

We had been anticipating watching this one for some time, and finally this past weekend we indulged in a masterpiece called Suspiria! Starring a young Jessica Harper who’s starred in The Phantom of the Paradise and Rocky Horror Picture Show II, and keeps us entertained to this very day as the Crabby Cook. This is…

PHOTO BLAST!!! Time Traveller’s Academy {Vintage Style Inspiration}

The question of time travel is a query as old as time itself. And while science struggles to bring to the forefront the pure mechanics of it all, lucky individuals throughout the centuries have inexplicably found themselves doing the time warp. Indeed, countless stories of men and women lost between the vortex of the past,…


For those who know us best, here at The Eye of Faith, you know that we relish in having a sense of adventure. It’s a facet of our being, deeply inset in our blood. Everything we do, we try to imbue with a certain fearlessness. In fact, our name is derived from this particular philosophy….


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E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {July 4, 2013}

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E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {July 3, 2013}

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Music Minute: “I Was A Teenage Creature” by Lord Luther

Lord Luther aka Luther McDaniels was born in Panola County Texas and started singing gospel at an early age. In the mid 50’s he started a Doo Wop group, ¬†The Four Deuces. Based out of California, they recorded a few singles in 1956, including the hit single W-P-J-L. After the group disbanded in late 1956,…