Aaron Duarte & Paul Heaton

Chief Executive Officers

style . knowledge. events.



We are available for styling or commission based design work based on our availability, so don’t be shy and drop us a line! 

INSTAGRAM: @theeyeoffaith

TWITTER: @theeyeoffaith

FACEBOOK: /theeyeoffaithvintage


please direct submission, and press or pr inquiries to the email address above! 


EOF Photoblast- Do What Thou Wilt - The Dead Live With Us (1920s Vintage Snapshot Mystery)


  1. Your vintage shop of treasures is worth looking in at. Being located beside, the new CBC studio, and under the ‘Hawk and Sparrow’, makes a relatively fun adventure to find and get there. It’s looking fantastic.


  2. I have a Vintage Rabbit Fur coat from the ’60’s. I received it from my father who was in Alaska at the time. It really has never ben worn and stored in a trunk since. It is in very good condition and I would like to sell it. I thought I would go right to the manufacturer. Jonas Brothers. It is a childs coad about the length of a your stick with hood up. Please, contact me at your lesiure. Steve

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