Aaron Duarte & Paul Heaton

Chief Executive Officers

style . knowledge. events.



We are available for styling or commission based design work based on our availability, so don’t be shy and drop us a line! 

INSTAGRAM: @theeyeoffaith

TWITTER: @theeyeoffaith

FACEBOOK: /theeyeoffaithvintage


please direct submission, and press or pr inquiries to the email address above! 


EOF Photoblast- Do What Thou Wilt - The Dead Live With Us (1920s Vintage Snapshot Mystery)

3 Replies to “CONTACT”

  1. Your vintage shop of treasures is worth looking in at. Being located beside, the new CBC studio, and under the ‘Hawk and Sparrow’, makes a relatively fun adventure to find and get there. It’s looking fantastic.


  2. I have a Vintage Rabbit Fur coat from the ’60’s. I received it from my father who was in Alaska at the time. It really has never ben worn and stored in a trunk since. It is in very good condition and I would like to sell it. I thought I would go right to the manufacturer. Jonas Brothers. It is a childs coad about the length of a your stick with hood up. Please, contact me at your lesiure. Steve

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