aaron-duarte-paul-heaton-the-eye-of-faith-vintage-blogThe Eye of Faith Vintage – Aaron Robert Duarte (left) & Paul Heaton (right)

The Eye of Faith Vintage was founded on November 11, 2011 by Aaron Robert Duarte and Paul Heaton in Toronto, Canada. Starting as a one-of-a-kind online destination fusing together the {PAST}, {PRESENT}, & {FUTURE} of style and culture in a myriad of vintage musings meant to invoke and inspire.

Since then, the duo has not only been purveying time traveled treasures to discerning style lovers around the world, but have also forged their paths towards styling, original designs, photography, original art and costumes.

There are many subtleties that have been lost with our times, and we are aiming to revive some of these traditions for coming generations and beyond. . .

Every year we throw out thousands of pounds of used clothing, and spend billions of dollars on new. In our ever fragile world, it’s time for our collective consciousness to come together to help make things better. Sticking to vintage is an easy way to stay on point with your style, while also keeping GREEN!


233 Ottawa St. N , Hamilton ON, L8H 3Z4


Monday – Friday  11:00AM – 5:30PM
Sat & Sundays 10:00AM – 6:00PM


If you have a project in mind, or a question for The Eye of Faith; feel free to email us at: the.eye.of.faith@gmail.com

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed.

-Albert Einstein”








Established XI. XI. XI. 


84 thoughts on “ABOUT US”

  1. The ‘Eye’ ethos is compelling! Even in my first visit here I’m finding all kinds of intriguing and inspiring images and ideas and expressive food-for-thought. Thank you! I’ll keep an Eye on you, too. 😉 Thanks for visiting my blog as well. Cheers to you.


  2. Thank you for visiting my poetry blog site with WordPress. It is always a great day to get a positive response to my spiritually-centered work. It is my belief, that much great work is lost on WordPress sites across the world. The reason, lack of feedback in a positive note to posters. It is my belief that we all need positive feedback to continue with our non-profit passions, which pushes us day to day to keep posting our inspirations in our Lord’s name.


  3. I’m so intrigued by your blog! Have you seen Pan’s Labyrinth? The eye in the hand photos remind me of a certain creature from the film.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking it out!


  4. dudes! im real happy today! why! well…..cos im from TTO too…thats why!…altho…the winters scared me away a few years ago….so now…like a mouse…i live in BC…..still love the vibe of Torrono….!


  5. Came to check out your blog after you had visited my own (thanks for signing on by the way). I love the pictures, the title, and few things that I have read so far. Looking forward to reading more. Also love that you are in Toronto. I lived there for 6 of my 20+ years in Canada. Cheers. beth


  6. I know who I are, I know what I want to saying, but I am so useless at not giving a damn that I have all the style of the nest or wires and cables on the desk here … and I’m good with that.

    I like your premise – looking to the past to find what made them fresh by wearing them now. However I hope you don’t just mean clothes …?


    1. Definitely not….hope you can get inspired by it all…

      Most of what we see “new” these days is just recycled from yesterday anyway, so its definitely great to uphold the glory of the greats…

      Thanks for dropping by!!


  7. Hey all, I wanted to stop in and once again thank you for stopping by reading my poetry. It means a great deal to me to be able to share my simple talent (up for interpretation if it is good or not, nevertheless it is mine.) I also would like to say I enjoy reading your post and see what is going on here. You delve into some almost Eastern Mysticism and modern urban legends. I like the way you bring it together.


  8. Hi, I wanted to say thanks for visiting today! Your blog is very different than anything I’ve seen before. I’m not much of a fashion guru, so looks like I could learn a thing or two from you 😉


    1. Thank you so much! Well Denise, hold onto your hat! Let’s take this journey together as we embark into the future of fashion!

      We say, you call your own shots! So truly, anything goes! Just do what you love!


  9. Wow. I love your blog. Not just a teeny bit, a LOT bit! I am going to soon start blogging about the things I create with vintage finds. Most are a theraputic tool for me, turning something once used, and giving it a new, different life. Thats a bit like what I’m trying to do for myself.
    Fab blogging, thank you! Karen x


  10. Thank you for dropping my blog, liking a lot of my posts and following it. You have a great blog over here! I love the overall mood and direction of your site. Clever use of color and tone. It definitely needs hard work to keep the theme consistent. Great job!!


  11. Great blog philosophy – well said. As a ‘tidbit that might tickle your fancy,’ for Movember on my blog I’ll be counting down the top 10 musical moustaches. I’d be interested in hearing your take on the evolution of the moustache over the years!


  12. Thanks for following my blog…I was unsure what I was coming to because I read your blog as “Thee Ye of Faith”…Relieved to see a vintage love fest, and you are bookmarked for those times when I am in need of a vintage kick (or item of clothing). Take care 🙂


  13. Hello The Eye of Faith,

    I hope it is not too late to wish you a wonderful New Year. May 2013 bring you more happiness, love, and success. I would like to thank you because you continue following my blog. I hope my blog posts do not disappoint and that your visits in there have been a joyful ride. Thank you again, many blessings and much love to you. 🙂

    Subhan Zein


    1. Thanks, Subhan! Never a dissapointment, at all. Your words are elegant and well-thought. Look forward to seeing more of you in the New Year! Keep up the great work, and thanks for keeping up with {theEye}. It really means the most . . .


      1. thank you, pleasure for me to do that, I will do my first post for the year on Thursday, hopefully the time is alright. Take care, and many blessings and much love to you.. 🙂

        Subhan Zein


  14. I have nominated you for an award. Mainly, this is to acknowledge that I appreciate what you are doing here and to invite you (and your humble readers) to see what I’m doing over in this neighborhood –


    If you wish to accept the award, great, click the link above for directions. If not, just keep doing what you are doing. Go on about your business as if I was never here.


  15. This is such an awesome collective you all have put together. I am a visual artist turned writer but still keep my photography and collage pieces going. I am very fascinated by all of the awesome photography and vintage style going on throughout the site. You guys are very inspiring. Thanks for following and checking out my blog. Looking forward to keeping up with your tumblr and twitter, and for more awesome photos. Take care all, and keep in touch. Love to hear what other interesting artists have going on. Peace from Denver.



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