E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {August 13, 2013}

+august 13, 2013+ some vintage floral inspiration . . . “feeling a little queasy” + take the picture! take the picture! + ¬†Until we meet again, + Like us¬†on¬†Facebook¬†and Follow us on¬†Twitter + + +++ {theEye} +++ + Similar Stories:

Face the Future: Vapid Freakshow Covers Vogue Italia

Sex and vanity collide in the ¬†not so distant future. ¬† S&M undertones emerge and take over the carnal landscape of this isolated Ranch. ¬†¬†A day in the life with rich bliss and voyeuristic intentions have us intrigued and mildly disturbed. ¬†So follow our lead as we take you through this bizarre yet eye-catching display…

E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {July 13, 2012}

Happy Friday the 13th! E.O.F. applauds your fearlessness. ¬†{Hope ur lucks better than¬†Kohl & Middleton’s Museum’s Dog Faced Man} + ++ {The Eye} Similar Stories: ¬†¬†

Music Minute: Eye’s Without a Face (1983)

From Billy Idol’s album Rebel Yell, this is a complete standout track! ¬†On an album where angst is a major theme, this ballad brings a softer side we don’t often see from the platinum blonde rocker. Cowritten by guitarist¬†¬†Steve Stevens, this was actually Idol’s first single to crack Billboards top 10 in the US. ¬†…

Unhate Campaign 2011 – United States of Benetton

Came across an article from the Daily Mail regarding The United Colors of Benetton’s newest scandal of a campaign! I love how they’re always stirring the pot. Benetton is not new to controversy- this is just what they do! Gotta love a company who can stand up for what they believe in, whether it sells…