“Inspire Me, Witch!”





{Aubrey Beardsley}


{Saskia De Brauw}

Hats Off to You - Vintage Style Inspiration - The Eye of Faith - hats and masks

{Hailee, Chloe, Elle, and Natalia.}


rom-a-book-by-the-italian-naturalist-ulisse aldrovandi

That Shirt Says Wicked








Rider Tarot Card- Il Diavlo.

Feeling witchy?




3 thoughts on ““Inspire Me, Witch!”

    • Hey there Rafa.

      Did this symbol hit you in a particular way? Strike a chord?

      Any sort of masonic/alchemical symbol can be seen through your own interpretation. For the most part, the symbol of a hand reaching from the clouds with a staff is a representation of God, or a Supreme Being; a higher power watching over us. The staff is not meant for harm, but rather symbolizes that of a guiding Shepherd:

      “And when the chief Shepherd shall appear, ye shall receive a crown of glory that fadeth not away.” [1 Peter 5:4 ]

      The staff is also another symbol for power and truth.

      So keep your eyes peeled for all those hands reaching down to you from the sky!

      Thanks for reading!

      -The Eye x


      • thank you for the exhausting explanation. truly meaningful and beautiful symbol! it’s true that you can reinterpretate them and make them mean something really special for you. i think i’m gonna tattoo it, it will fit great next to my Eye of Providence (maybe i’ll send it to you). waiting for more symbols from you, great blog by the way.


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