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“Inspire Me, Witch!”





{Aubrey Beardsley}


{Saskia De Brauw}

Hats Off to You - Vintage Style Inspiration - The Eye of Faith - hats and masks

{Hailee, Chloe, Elle, and Natalia.}


rom-a-book-by-the-italian-naturalist-ulisse aldrovandi

That Shirt Says Wicked








Rider Tarot Card- Il Diavlo.

Feeling witchy?




{SHARE THIS} The Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise!

Telekinetic Coffee Shop Inspired by Carrie

This made us laugh . . .HARD.

Although nothing about telekinetic attacks is funny in any sense (someone could get hurt), we couldn’t help but laugh at the pure horror these pranksters conjured to spook the living daylights out of innocent coffee-goers in honor of the upcoming redesign of the Stephen King classic “Carrie“, starring Chloe Moretz and Julianne Moore (out October 18).

It’s also rather apropos to be writing this post inside a coffee shop. Too bad it’s not turning out anywhere near as exciting as this.

Why do people stand there? I’d be out of there in a flash the second a man is being dragged up a wall. That’s the sign things are getting real messy. I guess also be careful who you spill your coffee on . . .

We also hope this inspires many more innovative and interactive movie promotions in the near {Future}!


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Dancing in the Dark: Tim Burton’s “Dark Shadows” Trailer Stirs the Pot

Seems like Tim Burton’s done it again! This time, it seems he couldn’t be more at home with the Collins family, the salacious supernatural soap opera family that made its way to the Boob Tube in the mid-sixties, and then again in 1991.

Burton, who has made his entire career out of his penchant for his unique, dark and twisted fantasies all with a light-hearted edge – after all, he did get his foot in the door at Disney. Nevertheless, this tale of a vampire from the 17th Century finding himself plopped in the middle of 1970s New England seems like perfect material for Burton to work his unique magic.

And with a cast that includes Michelle Pfeiffer, Chloe Moretz, Eva Green, Helena Bonham Carter, Jackie Earle Haley, Christopher Lee, Alice Cooper, and long-time collaborator Johnny Deppp – this one’s sure to stay with you far beyond even the grave. Also loving the vintage-inspire costumes provided by Colleen Atwood.

Check out the new HD trailer above, and mark May 1 on the calendar this one looks like a keeper.

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