I want to be wild, too! {read BULLET BREASTS & BEATNIK POETRY ft. Phillipa Fallon & Mamie Van Doren} Isn't she great, folks?! We cherish souls like this who soar high and far away from the status quo. Not your average starlet . . . Hope you enjoy! Let us know in the comments below!…Read more E.O.F. SNAPSHOT OF THE DAY {JANUARY 12, 2018}


R.I.P. YOU GLORIOUS SOUL Photographed & Styled by Brian Ward {c. May 1971} +   The truth is of course is that there is no journey. We are arriving and departing all at the same time. -David Bowie LIVE LOUD! LIVE LARGE! BE YOURSELF! Until next time, {theEye} + shop the {SHOP} and get 25%…Read more E.O.F. SNAPSHOT OF THE DAY {JANUARY 11, 2018}

{WEIRD T.V.} “Silent Twins: Without My Shadow” (1994)

So, its probably safe to say we all love a break from the status-quo when it comes to what to watch . . . we are all fed the same things via Netflix, cable, etc. but sometimes you find yourself thirsting for something off the beaten path that truly quenches that need for the weird,…Read more {WEIRD T.V.} “Silent Twins: Without My Shadow” (1994)


Well, the weather outside is crummy, and Baby, it's cold outside! So, with the help of two Spanish beauties - one dressed in black, and one dressed in white, we are taken away to a tropical paradise in this next addition to our ever growing {MUSIC MINUTE} series: Presenting "DARLING" by Bacarra {circa. 1977} +…Read more {MUSIC MINUTE} “DARLING” by BACCARA


+KYLE & LAURA+ Blue Velvet Daze . . . + ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!   I still can never get this visual out of my head when I walk down a beautiful tree-line residential street at night. I hope I never will.    THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO SUPPORTS US, AND KEEPS THE DREAM ALIVE! UNTIL NEXT…Read more E.O.F. SNAPSHOT OF THE DAY {JANUARY 3, 2018}

{PHOTOBLAST} PARTY PEOPLE: 35 Vintage Images!!!

  par·ty1 /ˈpärdē/ noun 1. a social gathering of invited guests, typically involving eating, drinking, and entertainment. "an engagement party" Hope you all had a wicked holiday season this year! New Years was a blast for us hosting Karaoke for Risky Business 80s NY Beach Bash, and if I know you guys like I think I…Read more {PHOTOBLAST} PARTY PEOPLE: 35 Vintage Images!!!


"Torso" {circa. 1906} by F. Holland Day + Day was an advocate for photography as fine art. Open your eyes. Take in all you can. Be the best you that you can be. Until we meet again, {theEye} +   CHECK OUT THE {SHOP} FOR PREMIUM VINTAGE FINDS! XIXIXI gets you 25% OFF at the…Read more E.O.F. SNAPSHOT OF THE DAY {JAN 2, 2018}


The Kama Sutra is an ancient Hindu text written by Indian philosopher Vātsyāyana between 400 and 200 BCE, and is an in-depth manual on "virtuous and gracious living that discusses the nature of love, family life, and other aspects pertaining to pleasure-oriented faculties of human life" - however, today in popular culture it is probably most…Read more Could Ya KAMA SUTRA ?

{MUSIC MINUTE} “ZODIACS” by Roberta Kelly

  Well isn't that just too totally up our alley . . . Ms. Robert Kelly sings "Zodiacs" a funky 1970s disco-era tune about our favourite astrological symbols; all performed in timelessly popping canary yellow! Sorry Beyonce, but looks like Robert Kelly was rocking this shade of yellow far before the Queen B helped this…Read more {MUSIC MINUTE} “ZODIACS” by Roberta Kelly

{MUSIC MINUTE} “Bad and Boujee” x “September” Soul Train Mash-Up!

Boujee when you try to be some lavish bitch, but you know you're not. {urban dictionary}   The {PAST}, {PRESENT}, and {FUTURE} are always in beautiful syncopation with each other, and we're not just talking style! Yes, there is a rising popularity in shopping and wearing vintage (HALLELUJAH!), and more and more high fashion designers…Read more {MUSIC MINUTE} “Bad and Boujee” x “September” Soul Train Mash-Up!