E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {October 11, 2012}

“Die creepy flying blow-fish! DIE!!!”

{The Fall of the Rebel Angels by Pieter Bruegel the Elder (1562)}


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      • Not sure I did…had a dream my husband and I were walking through a prairie (never been to a prairie) and we were watching all these endangered species walking around us, including polar bears and squirrels the size of dogs (not kidding, honestly). There were saber tooth tigers and all and we were just hanging out, no other people, just us and the animals. J’accuse!


      • Wow! That is incredible! I was so fascinated, I looked up what this could possibly mean. Here’s what I found:

        “To dream of a prairie, denotes that you will enjoy ease, and even luxury and unobstructed progress. An undulating prairie, covered with growing grasses and flowers, signifies joyous happenings.”

        “Extinct animals can sometimes refer to reactions and feelings from the past, which are no longer relevant to your life. Is there something in your life now from the past which is coming back into your life?

        Dreams of endangered species or rare animals may be pointing to some aspect of yourself, possibly your values, which you are in danger of losing, or which may be destroyed. It suggests you must value that aspect of yourself if you want to preserve it.”

        Interesting…….I’m sure the wild beasts in the painting came into play, nonetheless. Very cool! Thanks for sharing!


      • Wow, you are awesome, thank you for your research, I really think your pic WAS a trigger! and yes, I am kind of struggling with a moral dilemma, well, I am hoping my son makes the right life choice in something in HIS life. I think my own values are pretty solid, and hope that I’ve instilled a good foundation in him. Whew, that’s heavy!!


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