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Diary of a Small Town: Vintage Dreams + Nightmares {Vintage Style Moody Mood Board Inspiration}


We have quite the tale in store for you today at The Eye of Faith. . .

This one is taken from the darkest depths of our imagination and tells the hidden tales of a quaint small town, not too far from where you sit. It could be any small town, but this one is brimming with mystery, and dare I say, perhaps even evil!

Things started out innocent enough, but there are certain places on this Earth where malevolent energies cluster and stay for many thousands of years. It is in the quiet of the country, far from the claws and chains of the city, that have provided families and individuals with the peace, calm, and safety they desire.


But often times, it is the unsettling chill of calm that can provide the most fright….

Even in a town where everyone knows your name, you never know the myths and legends being made behind closed doors or the grim memories lost deep beyond the trees at night. This one is all about wayward youth, rebellion, seduction, secrets, mysteries, beauty, and strength.

Please enjoy our Small Town Dreams & Nightmares . . .

With shows like CW’s “RIVERDALE” capturing our imagination, and a new season of “TWIN PEAKS” in our midst- it goes to show that while the big city is full of brights lights and noise, sometimes its our thirst for nostalgia, the whispers in the trees, and our love of mystery that truly excites our bones!

To our vintage dreams, and  to our vintage nightmares – this one is to a town not yet forgotten. Keep the mystery close, for you never know what clues you may stumble upon. For all you know, they might still need your help.




Until we meet again,






{MUSIC MINUTE} LANA DEL REY’s “LOVE”: Is there life on Mars???


“It’s like she’s the only one that gets me”

                              {the internet}


We are proud to admit that we are absolutely obsessed with Lana Del Rey (along with the rest of the internet) – her melancholic croons and her unapologetic approach to bringing the {past} to the {present}, truly mirrors our own approach at The Eye of Faith to try and shape our {future}.




So, of course, we have been buzzing over her latest video drop just the other day for her new single “LOVE”. How apropos…

In true Lana style, her team takes us on a sweeping visual journey from grainy 1960s black and white realness to a dreamy extraterrestrial getaway for a pack of beautiful wayward youth. It’s like a picture from a dream; and no artist can really capture that mysteriously nostalgic vibe of needing to “escape our everyday” – I mean, who doesn’t want to escape to another planet with their best friends?

Truly breathtaking moments that conjure up feels from “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” and Lars Von Trier’s “Melancholia“. From floating trucks and many moons, to the spot on psych rock styling – this video is truly one of her greatest, and is not to be missed.

Vintage inspired posters of Lana Del Rey have been spotted plastered across the streets of Los Angeles, and elsewhere in California, so expect a big resurgence of the 21st Century’s truly unique Pop Diva this coming year!

Knowing how you feel about the things we love, we truly thought you’d appreciate “LOVE” by Lana Del Rey. Marvel at how so many inspirations truly have come to play to make this video come to life. That is what is so great, and important about staying {style-wise} – creatively, it can allow you to create a much richer and deeper experience which is exactly why we began The Eye of Faith in the first place!

So do enjoy the video below, and leave your comments when you are done, and stay tuned for more to come!

My Soul.
I summon to the winding ancient stair;
Set all your mind upon the steep ascent,
Upon the broken, crumbling battlement,
Upon the breathless starlit air,
“Upon the star that marks the hidden pole;
Fix every wandering thought upon
That quarter where all thought is done:
Who can distinguish darkness from the soul

-William Butler Yeats, excerpt from “A Dialogue of Self and Soul”


Until we meet again,



E.O.F. Mystery School {Master Mason} Vintage Style Inspiration @Theeyeoffaith #hamont

We mused over the Modern Mystery Men of Yale, and wanted to establish our own secret sanctum….

mys·ter·y 1  (mst-r)


1. One that is not fully understood or that baffles or eludes the understanding; an enigma: How he got in is a mystery.
2. One whose identity is unknown and who arouses curiosity: The woman in the photograph is a mystery.
3. A mysterious character or quality: a landscape with mystery and charm.
4. A work of fiction, a drama, or a film dealing with a puzzling crime.
5. The skills, lore, or practices that are peculiar to a particular activity or group and are regarded as the special province of initiates. Often used in the plural: the mysteries of Freemasonry; the mysteries of cooking game.
6. A religious truth that is incomprehensible to reason and knowable only through divine revelation.
7. a. A religious cult practicing secret rites to which only initiates are admitted.
b. A secret rite of such a cult.



What are the secrets locked deep in history that are haunting us each and everyday? Who are the makers of today, and who shall we become tomorrow?

The Original Roller Skater

The aspirations that seem to be engrained into our soul are to finally climb out of the epic pits of insanity that we collectively call humanity. Nothing ever seems to make sense. In fact, it is impossible not to feel in RAGE!!!

We’ve always been left simply searching…

Perhaps you search the aisles of the school library for some sign of truth, or perhaps you are wise enough to search the labyrinth of light in the sky for a pattern or sign to guide your every wake. The riddle of the sphinx, has it ever been solved? Or is it simply that it’s question has never even been asked . . . ?

What is it about the night? What do we achieve when we dream? This is a journey by man, a mystery that never ceases to delight. Deep in our dreams, we have found our very own {MASTER MASON} waiting patiently for our arrival. Waiting for us to say we’ll stay.

But that would be like laying awake in the shadows you can actually see at night.
We can go about our day to day and never once seek the layers beneath the fragile surface of time and our past . . .

In fact, it continues to live on and on forever, like something eternally true.

Go about your day to day. Seek the seekers in the shadows.

Lets find the {MASTER MASON} that’s within us all…

+Cum Lupis Ulula +
Howl with the Wolves…

The wind really picked up today, and the sky was just full of grey.

There is much planned. Our invocations are only just beginning! We will be conjuring many {traditions} from the past, and hope to inspire the {ritual} of dress.

So definitely be sure to check up with the {SHOP} for wicked deals and for all of our new arrivals!

And use secret code XIXIXI for 25 % OFF!

Toronto West Masonic Temple

The past is living. It reverberates with every single day.





E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day [March 24/2016]

-+The Levitating Man+-

[circa. 1930s]

This image is both majestic and terrifying.

Not sure what incredible moment has been captured here.

It is most decidedly America in the 1930s at the height of the Depression.

Many people turned their sights to the paranormal for an escape from the everyday..

Today we use the internet which is earnestly less exciting.

We wish we could do that.




Shop online and use XIXIXI for 25% OFF

Or visit us at 279 King St. E in Hamilton

Courtesy of Vintage Soul Geek


Until we meet again,



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STYLE {WISE} + The Case for Hawaiian Shirts +

[image: fashion.grunge.style.]

Summer is at its peak, and its time to embrace the ultimate piece for the summer. . . .the Hawaiian Shirt. For some reason, this idea makes some people cringe, but over the course of this post you will see the innate beauty and wonder that is the Hawaiian Shirt.

The Case for Hawaiian Shirts really began when I was 8 years old and my mother brought home a Hawaiian shirt for me from her trip to Hawaii. I had begged her to grab me one while she was touring the islands for work. Seemed to me like the coolest thing!

It was a wicked print, nothing too crazy, pretty much an example of a classic Hawaiian shirt.

I remember my locker neighbour saying:  “Whats wrong with you?”

“WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?!” is what I wanted to say, but I just shrugged and laughed her aside. She didn’t even have a sense about her as she was herself wearing something completely typical of the girls in my classes around these times…

She just couldn’t appreciate it the way I did. For me, it made me feel the most ahead of the game. I was different than the rest, and that’s always a good thing. For me, there’s just no doubting a really great Hawaiian Shirt.

{Donna Reed + Montgomery Clift, “From Here to Eternity” [1953]. }

{Michael Pitt for Prada S/S 2012 by David Sims}

Lately there’s been a huge influx of Hawaiian and tropical shirts in both runway shows and magazine editorials – it seems the world is finally catching on and getting a little more in tuned with not just my drift, but the truth of the whole matter. Open up any mens fashion magazine and you will find them littered in the colourful graphics.

The case for Hawaiian and Tropical print shirts is that they are as much a classic staple in ones wardrobe as other pieces heralded as being part of our sartorial lineage.

There is plenty of mythology revolving around the the true origin of the Aloha shirt (as they are also called) that range from birth in the Philipines to the islands of Samoa. Until the early 18th century, kapa was the main currency of many islands of the South Pacific. Kapa was a simple patterned cloth found in the South Pacific made from pounding and dyeing the bark of a mulberry tree. These prints later made a splash again in the 1950s. However, it is safe to accredit much of why we still sport and wear these styles to the craftsmanship and entrepreneurial efforts of one, Musa-Shiya the Shirtmaker. Throughout the 1920s and 30s, Musa-Shiya was one of the top Japanese tailors in Honolulu, who profited from his made-to-order custom silk shirts made with colourful and bright Japanese fabrics with Western-style tailoring.

These shirts helped tourists visiting the island make that final transformation to truly being on vacation, taking it easy, and saying goodbye to the stresses of the mainland. Forget your troubles, come on be happy! Soon after other Japanese tailors were doing the same, and quickly the demand for these tailored tropical refuges only began to soar. The 1953 film, “From Here to Eternity” would pretty much seal the deal with stars such as Burt Lancaster, Montgomery Clift, and even Frank Sinatra sporting the casual cuts of florals and tropical sunsets.

+  +  +

From here on out, it pretty much has become the go-to expression of ease. Picking the right pattern is about 90% of the magic. There must be literally thousands, if not millions of different Aloha prints floating around in this world, and not all of them good. The key is equal parts colour as it is pattern – make sure both are really slamming. Compromise on this and you could really fall flat.


FIT would be another major point. So make sure it fits to your liking, or get it altered to fit your needs. Alteration is often the key to vintage, so if you haven’t already, be sure to check your local yellow pages for tailors or alterers in your neighbourhood. They will be happy to oblige, and you’d be surprised at how cheap it can be.

If you’re feeling a little more lax and party you may want to embrace some volume (think Sean Penn as Spicoli from Fast Times, or Johnny Depp in Fear & Loathing) or you can keep the cut classic and simple with a bit more of a tailored look to emulate classic stars like Clift, Sinatra, or Delon. Either way – you’re pretty much laughing …

{After World War II, a gradual change in aloha wear took place with the breakdown of rigid dress requirements for business attire. The business tie and jacket certainly were not comfortable in Hawaii’s summer climate. In 1946, the Honolulu Chamber of commerce appropriated $1000 to study aloha shirts and prepare suitable designs that clothing businessmen could wear.}

And just in case you’re unsure, check out our pics of style stunning inspiration that ranges from the {PAST} to {PRESENT}. So take a look, and decide your {FUTURE}…it’s calling! All year round, these shirts takes you where you want to go! It’s time to declare the Hawaiian Shirt an equally valuable piece of everyone’s wardrobe.

It’s a defining piece with the magical ability to transport us from our everyday, and for those dedicated followers of fashion these pieces are definitely gaining visibility.

This is what I’m saying!

If you don’t look back, you can never go forward!

So hopefully you appreciate this menagerie of the exotic and wild! Check out The Vintage Hawaiian Shirt for more history, and a look at the web’s most impressive collection of them! Don’t be stuck staring at your everyday checks, plaids, and plain…carry on the {TRADITION} and accelerate the past!

Make sure you also check out the E.O.F. {SHOP}!  We are stocking up more and more fashion forward pieces from our collected history so make sure to check it out!

{The Feedback and Support has been great! So thank you all!}

Also join us on FACEBOOK , TUMBLR, & TWITTER for more vintage musings from the one and only {EYE}!

Stay Style {WISE}, kids!




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E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {April 8, 2014}

A Wild Boy Discovers the Photo Booth

{circa 1949.}



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The Eye of Faith {Vintage} SoLD Items 2014-04-08 at 2.54.54 PM

Until next time,

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Beware of being square!





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Fragments of Donald Rizzo ! ! !


Donald Rizzo is an artist who sees the world through fragments; fragments of color, fragments of memory, fragments of space, and fragments of who people really are. His works are kaleidoscopic visions of vibrant color which stem from his dark personal experience dealing with depression with psychotic symptoms. Born under a full moon on a lunar eclipse, Donald is nothing short of being his truest self and showcasing his unique eye that allows his viewers to create their own reality of what they see in his images.

We were delighted to receive an interview with the artist by our correspondent John Wisniewski who took the time to delve deeper into the fragments of Donald Rizzo!

JOHN: When were your first art exhibitions? When did you begin drawing and painting?

DONALD: My first exhibit was “Fragments of Color” August 2010 at Magnet in San Francisco.  I began painting in 2006, my current process (color juxtaposition) started to develop in 2008.  I created Raster (pixellated) paintings, the first painting was 48 x 48 with1/2 inch square pixels and a palette of 20 colors.  I thought what would one look like with 1/4 inch squares and then 1/8 inch square.  I discovered that 1/8 inch squares were a little to small so landed on 1/6 inch for this style.  I also noticed that the palette was increasing one painting had  150 unique colors.   I continued with this style through the end of 2009.  It allowed me to develop mixing the paints to get the color and value I wanted.  I never blended colors on the canvas but applied the paint as thick dabs of paint resulting with a textured surface, I noticed that the textured surface aided the viewers eye in blending the colors.

I had always wanted to break out of the grid and discovered Chuck Closes work, in particular his paper pulp projects.  In January 2010 I completed my first painting of my current style. Refereed to as Abstract Realism or color juxtaposition.   I still create a textured surface but limit the palette to 60 to 80 colors.  Unlike Close who created his colors from a CMYK palette,  I use color temperature  to aid in creating depth.  I noticed that not only was I creating juxtaposition of color, but also of ideas, concepts and images.  Which can be seen in my “Shades of Purple” series.

JOHN: Whom are some artists who have influenced your work?

DONALD: There are two; Leroy Neiman; Neiman had created a set of prints for the 1976 summer olympics, and Burger King would issue a new print (poster) every week.  I made sure I was there on the day they released the new poster.  The impressionistic bright, vibrate colors amazed me.  the second Chuck Close: unaware of this connection until 2009.  In grade school 6th or 7th grade, the art teacher was discussing an exhibit he had just seen of this artist who did these dot paintings, he then showed us a print of billboard sign, which I know now is color halftone CMYK print.  I was amazed at the size of the circles and how from a distance, driving down the highway we never see the dots, we see an image that is blended.  Someone asked me when they saw my first paintings if I was influenced by Chuck Close; at the time I said who?  As I discovered Closes work, I also discovered that he had exhibits in both Akron and Youngstown while I was in grade school.  And the artist my teachers was discussing was Chuck Close.
Artist Leroy Neiman.
Artist Leroy Neiman.
Chuck Close in his studio.
Chuck Close in his studio.
Madam Secretary by Donald Rizzo
Madam Secretary by Donald Rizzo
JOHN: What are you doing when not painting or drawing?
DONALD: Sleeping. From the moment I get up in the morning until an hour before I go to bed, I’m working on my art.  Weekends, holidays, 7 days a week, I’m creating.  A major reason is my health.   I have HIV and I developed mitochondrial toxicity (MT) from the medication.  The mitochondrial in my leg muscles and upper back were most effected.  I wasn’t producing adequate  ATP and this greatly effected my mobility.  Their was a period of time when I couldn’t raise my hands above my ears and feared I wouldn’t be able to paint much longer.   I also found painting to be a healing experience both mentality and emotionally.

JOHN: Are you inspired by cinematic art?

DONALD: I had to think about this question.  On the surface I’d say no, but then I think sub-consciously I would be influenced.

JOHN: Could you tell us how you developed your technique of color juxtaposition?


I was diagnosed with severe depression with psychotic symptoms.  Let me start by saying when one experience delusions; thats their reality.  This psychosis was adaptive for instance when I told the voices that were repeating everything I said out loud that they couldn’t know what I really thought because they can’t read my mind.  Within two weeks the voices were repeating my private thoughts.  When a thought entered my mind that I didn’t want them to know, I had to immediately change my thought.  This was pure madness.  I realized that my conscience mind was battling my sub-conscience mind.  If this battle continued both minds would lose as I had numerous close calls with death during this time.    With this psychosis I found myself staring at reflections, the more uneven the surface the better.  Reflections in three or more surface where bits of information was used from the multiple planes the more intriguing I found them.  Then I discovered that pix elated images had hidden messages, some that could be seen zoomed in and some seen zoomed out.  Again my conscience and sub-conscience mind attempting communication.
With this technique Color Juxtaposition the mind must construct the shapes in the viewers mind were their sub-science mind  plays a significant role.  With my painting “If I Only had a Brain” there are two faces one in portrait  and one in profile.  The portrait is more apparent from affair and the profile is revealed up-close.  There is a distance where both faces oscillate and the mind can’t stop it from oscillating.  Here the viewer can experience a small fragment of my psychosis.     Also because of the physics of reflected light the painting changes as light dims in the room, or one looks at the painting from a 45 degree angle as opposed to a 90 degree angle.  Just like those hidden messages in my psychosis.
Looking4CockNow by Donald Rizzo
Looking4CockNow by Donald Rizzo
JOHN: How do you choose the subjects for your artwork?
DONALD: They choose me.  I start with a photo and I begin to work and massage it.  My sub-science plays a role and at some point during the process, I discover the message it wants me to project.   Every painting I’ve done in some way I make it about me.  Each painting becomes a fragment of my self portrait.  My early paintings “The Lonely, The Forgotten and The Outcast” are paintings of healing.  Healing from the immense pain of depression.  I mentioned above about delusions being real, these paintings became the start of my healing from my reaction to this reality.  As I write this I still can’t call them delusions.
And now with “Shades of Purple” as I state in the artist statement: “The time for sound bites is over. We need to move our conversations to a more productive and less condemning place. With a little bit of humility and the willingness to listen to another’s perspective, we might just have a chance to talk about solutions instead of blame.”
JOHN: Some of your portraits feature famous faces-do you ever get any feedback from the subjects of the paintings?
DONALD: As of yet, no, but would love to have a conversation with Chuck Close about “Chasing that Experience”.  I have found images of semi-famous people on Facebook and unbeknownst to them I’ll complete the painting and when posting it to Facebook, I’ll tag that individual in painting.  I’ve had some remarkable comments, I do enjoy that.

Be sure to check out Donald Rizzo’s site!


 Until next time,


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{STYLE WISE} – “Stranger Than Paradise”


by The Eye of Faith

On a journey through the mystery of the most beautiful place on Earth.

Taking us to a world both wild and exotic, this series was inspired by the faded 1940s dreams and memories of life on the high seas in the South Pacific. It is the tale of society’s soldiers taken hostage by the wild. In many ways, it is a true Paradise Lost lived . . .
In a place where the air is hot and its perfume sweet it is hard not to be intoxicated by your surroundings –
lost in a paradise.

+”Nothing is quite as strange, as a day spent in Paradise”+



Hope you enjoy!






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E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {May 31, 2013}

rock hudson 1954{We wanted to go into the weekend solid as one of our top Icons, Rock Hudson.}

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{The Eye of Faith}

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E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {May 27, 2013}

On the Coasts of Utopia - EOF Vintage




+On the Coasts of Utopia . . . +


Dream out loud.




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