New Trailer{s} for Paul Thomas Anderson’s upcoming film, “The Master” !

We’ve been profiling this film for months now, and finally two more trailers have dropped for this much anticipated film of the year! We are excited to share them with you.

Full of vintage American goodness, these latest trailers definitely help shed some light on this Post War Tale of Tragedy & Paradise Lost, among other things…the entire production looks absolutely fantastic! Artful, perhaps, even a new American classic….

Looks like Joaquin Phoenix had gotten back what many hypothesized he had lost in time to make this film which looks like quite a marvel of magic movie making!

We found some behind-the-scenes shots taken on the set of the film several months ago, as well as noting the story’s similarity (as well as Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s uncanny resemblance) to L. Ron Hubbard, the father of Scientology.

Many rumors are flying, and most people can’t wait! The world’s first glimpses are coming soon right here in our hometown of Toronto, at this year’s annual international film festival. The film will then make it’s European debut in Venice for their annual festival, as well. And with Harvey Weinstein backing the thing, we can’t imagine it flop…

So keep your {EYE} open, and enjoy these quick glimpses into one of the year’s hottest upcoming attractions!




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