Voodoo Mambo Dandy

Having set up an account with LOOKBOOK to track down the world’s most stylish exhibitionist stylistas and fashion witches, we thought it was time to display our own fine feathers. These are some looks that we couldn’t include on the site, because of the three photo policy on LOOKBOOK (it’s just not enough!).

This look is all about shunning out your devils. Even on the sunniest days, the devil inside can tear you apart. Counter that evil mambo jumbo in your ear with a hard and heavy dose of style. It’s easy to feel a little lost in paradise. The shirt is a vintage Foster shirt, but our favourite piece is the 1980s Pierre Cardin Beach Jacket!

This is the kind of outfit that goes best with some 1960s tropicalia to really soothe those woes, so we got you just the thing!

If you’ve never checked out LOOKBOOK, give it a whirl. It’s an amazing platform for the world’s untapped style superstars to connect and show their stuff. The site has users “HYPING” each new look that tickles their fancy, so we hope ours can do just that! We’re also hoping to pick up some Fans, as well!

So enough talking, and more Hyping! Click here to visit us.

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