Paul Rowland knows the language of beauty inside out, which means he’s able to subvert its vocabulary. In a blockbuster 96-page supplement to V61, Rowland and his collaborators spin through the wild and untamed worlds of Women and Supreme, presenting an ode to 21st-century beauty. “Joel-Peter Witkin, paganism, mysticism, vampires, witches—all the things I love,” Rowland explains of his inspiration.

We can definitely relate to the fascination of all things dark and wicked, which is exactly why we wanted to share this with you, our honest and faithful readers. Fashion doesn’t always have to be pretty, in-fact sometimes the most powerful moments come from those that down-right scare us.

This fascination with the dark isn’t something new. Since the beginning of time, men and women have entertained their fantasies with tales and musings of the unknown. Whether it be ghosts, witches, devils, demons, or God himself; humans love to give their lives a jolt of excitement, and mystery.
 Heading through 2012, there is much uncertainty in the midst. Not just uncertainty for the economy, but the entire future of the human race. There is so much talk of “change” and moving “forward” that it’s impossible for us as a society not to feel the realm of the unknown beckoning.

We don’t always like the dark, but it’s here you will find the truths to everything you are looking for. Just don’t be surprised at what you might find there. It might scare you to death!

This spread was shot for the V Magazine Special Edition: The World of Women/Supreme from September 2009. 


{The Eye}

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