Audrey Says . . . {PLUS! Music Minute: “Come Wander With Me” – Bonnie Beech}

Well?! ISN’T IT?!

She’s talking of our new playlist over on our TUMBLR page.

So if you’re bored and wondering what fun you can get up to, don’t be shy and head on over. Stop listening to the same old stuff on the radio before it dies in your mind…

Plus, we’ve got plenty of pictures that don’t end up on our website that for sure deserve to garner your attention!

They’re all waiting for you over there, including our favorite inked gal pal (she’s new)….

So have fun, and wander a bit…

You never know who or what you might come across!

{“Come Wander With Me” by Jeff Alexander, Sung by Bonnie Beech

from Twilight Zone’s 1964 episode by the same name.}




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