E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {August 28, 2013}

weinberger_meinn herr-the eye of faith (vintage)



Karl Heinz Weinberger makes me go ‘whoa’ for how far everyday people take it.

Just some kids hanging out. They love rebel style idols like Elvis Presley, James Dean and wore it big and bold on their belts, jackets, and chains. It’s pure fantasy, and yet reality . . . These kids became a bold tribe roving the streets of Zurich, Switzerland and thankfully were bottled in silver by Mr. Weinberger who made a second coming into the popular forum with the publication of Rebel Youth, which brought broader light to these photographs of our modern world. I’m telling you….this is a rebel society we live in today, and every way you look at it, it is such.

We’ll talk again about it later . . .

Until next time,


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