+Damn, son. . . + Photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson {circa. 1933} by George Hoyningen-Heune  //seminal art photography of the 1920s & 30s Stay {STYLE-WISE} Until next time, {theEye} +

EAST OF EDEN, Richard Davalos, 1955


  RICHARD DAVALOS { November 5, 1930 – March 8, 2016 } + Best known for his role as the "good" brother in Elia Kazan's classic 1955 American drama "East of Eden" co-starring the one and only rebel king, James Dean! His handsome face and perfectly coiffed hair rival the iconic mens style idol himself. . .…Read more {STYLE IDOL} R.I.P. RICHARD DAVALOS

knights of the sandcastle 5


+KNIGHTS OF THE SANDCASTLE + There once was a mysterious band of knights who roamed and raved their days and nights along the banks of the cool dark waters. Young and wild, they howled at the moon like the wolves, and on the clear days when the sun seemed to sparkle like diamonds on their…Read more E.O.F. Presents +KNIGHTS OF THE SANDCASTLE+

Peter Beard in Francis Bacon's Mirror

E.O.F. STYLE IDOL: Peter Beard {Into the Wild}

HALF BYRON / HALF TARZAN - Bob  Colacello on Beard in "Holy Terror" + {b, 1938} Who wouldn't want to be Peter Beard ? The "wayward wasp" from New York City was born to wealth, coming from an aristocratic family (his great grandfather founded the Great Northern Railway in 1857; his grandfather, Pierre Lorillard III, a…Read more E.O.F. STYLE IDOL: Peter Beard {Into the Wild}

president-bush-yale-skull-and-bones-group shot- vintage-mystery-cool

The Dapper Mystery Men Who Guard The Secret of the Voynich Manuscripts . . .

The strange, wonderful, and perplex. The Voynich Manuscripts . . . the World's most wildly weird book. Full of strange diagrams and cryptic text, many generations have passed and still no one has been able to make anything of it. The book is hidden deep away in Yale's Rare Book Collection making it kind of…Read more The Dapper Mystery Men Who Guard The Secret of the Voynich Manuscripts . . .

EOF-Dandy Dracula-11

Dandy “Dracula” [an Ode to Ishioka]

"They say you are a man of good... taste. " -Dracula, Bram Stoker's Dracula As fore mentioned in our last post, we are developing quite the affinity for a certain dreamboat of the dark side, and it seems like more and more of the masses have also come under the dandy wrath of Dracula. With…Read more Dandy “Dracula” [an Ode to Ishioka]

Stylish Vacation from the Everyday at The Eye of Faith Vintage

NEW/OLD Favourite Finds from The Eye of Faith Collection!

State of Undress?  Don't be caught saying I have nothing to wear this Summer, or anytime of the year!! We are loaded with even MORE time travelled classics to get you through . . . And remember, our pieces offer an escape from the everyday; an alternative to the mundane, and wasted tragedies of the…Read more NEW/OLD Favourite Finds from The Eye of Faith Collection!

Roxy Music- Style Idols- vintage fashion inspiration- menswear- rebel glam

Music Minute: “My Only Love” by Roxy Music

Bad Ass Bryan Ferry  + These guys are legends, and their music echoes like the voice of a lost memory. Dreams, and fantasy, illusion, and grandeur - these are all summoned by their music. Formed in 1971, Roxy Music lives on today as one of the most popular bands there have ever been, and were…Read more Music Minute: “My Only Love” by Roxy Music


{DO-IT-RIGHT} – How To Men’s Vintage-Style [Swimsuit Inspiration]

It's official, swimsuit season is here, and that beautiful tropical heat is beckoning for all of us to take a dive into the nearest pool of water - any pool of water! While we prefer the beach, community pools, water parks, and backyard bashes all call for appropriate swim gear. Here at The Eye of…Read more {DO-IT-RIGHT} – How To Men’s Vintage-Style [Swimsuit Inspiration]


Out of This World! Rare Buddy Holly & Friends Super 8mm Home Movie.

Was feeling inspired today by Buddy Holly, the chic geek with the rims to match... There isn't a lot about this young talent's style that hasn't stopped beating, so that's why we felt the tragic rock n' roll icon deserved a second look. After a rocking night at Clear Lake, Iowa's iconic Surf Ballroom the…Read more Out of This World! Rare Buddy Holly & Friends Super 8mm Home Movie.