Music Minute: Train to Satanvillle by Gin Gillette

train to satanville 04-indian-rail-160413
Here’s something we wanted to share with our readers to help get us through this midweek hump!  We had such an amazing weekend @TheJunctionFlea this past weekend, we are ready to blow off a little steam! So what a better way to blow off some steam than by taking a train to Satanville!?

This is a rockabilly anthem with a spooky western twist.    We loved the Patsy Cline-esque angst in this woman’s voice, and the Dick Dale groovy guitar playing that get’s us tappin’ our feet.  It may be a tale of going deep into the hellfire, but with a melody as great as this one, we want a ticket to wherever the hell this train is heading! So just click play and let us know what you think.

+until next time+

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