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Music Minute: Train to Satanvillle by Gin Gillette

train to satanville 04-indian-rail-160413
Here’s something we wanted to share with our readers to help get us through this midweek hump!  We had such an amazing weekend @TheJunctionFlea this past weekend, we are ready to blow off a little steam! So what a better way to blow off some steam than by taking a train to Satanville!?

This is a rockabilly anthem with a spooky western twist.    We loved the Patsy Cline-esque angst in this woman’s voice, and the Dick Dale groovy guitar playing that get’s us tappin’ our feet.  It may be a tale of going deep into the hellfire, but with a melody as great as this one, we want a ticket to wherever the hell this train is heading! So just click play and let us know what you think.

+until next time+

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COMMERCIAL BREAK: Psychedelic Beach Rock

Thanks GrimlyFormingPW. Amazing, we found an Anthem to call our own! Wave your flag and let it fly, we’re going psychedelic at The Eye. And hey, that’s okay! Because we got the beat! So get on your feet and give this a listen and Jive baby Jive!

{The Eye}

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