E.O.F. SNAPSHOT OF THE DAY {May 23, 2013}

royal canadian mountie indian chief

Born out of a need for a national police force to implement the law in Canada’s newly acquired western territories, on  May 23 1873, the Parliament of Canada established a central police force who would be able to march across the land.  This sector has evolved into the red wearing, horse riding, yellow striped pant loving Royal Canadian Mounted Policemen we know today!

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{The Eye of Faith}

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One comment

  1. How sad this photo is for the Native American Chief and his people, his land was savagely stolen, his people displaced by brute force and murder to a god-forsaken area. These deeply spiritual people never had a chance against a cold, empty-souled, violent-driven and grabbing and stealing settlers … “Need for a national police force to implement “the law” in Canada’s newly “acquired” western territories. Nice way to word it! “Acquired” territories.


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