1. Oh i loved this, twin peaks weird, strange but somehow I couldnt miss it, tales of the crypt, I had forgotten about until I saw it here, thanks for bringing back the memories x


  2. So ironic that I’d blogged about this the other day but with sitcoms though.

    It’s funny that I only remembered about 2 of the shows you cited: Tales from the crypt and… I can’t remember the other 1.

    My list had included show like: Blossom, Wonder Years, Dougie Howser MD, New York Undercover (cop show on Fox)…


    • So glad you included WONDER YEARS! That show definitely helped shape me as a child. It was so funny, and I was always so fascinated and nostalgic for that time period. I see that Fred Savage is doing a lot of directing these days including 2 BROKE GIRLS! Wish there was a show like it on now…

      Blossom is another obsession. Too legit to quit. Thanks for checking out my site! Really appreciate it.


      • Happy Belated! Yup. The 90s were definitely awesome. Glad we can sing its praises. Why can’t things be as good as they were then?! Oh yea…REALITY TV hit the airwaves!


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