Style {WISE}: “Rumble Fish” (1983)

As you know, we are always harboring and nurturing our rebellious spirit, and are always looking for tidbits that turn up arms, and quench that vicious thirst!

Well we got a bit of a break by watching this excellent trailer for Francis Ford Coppola‘s 1983 film, “Rumble Fish” – a bit of an under rated marvel in Coppola’s illustrious career.

Shot it in black and white, with an amazing attention to detail, the film delights with a cast of players who, at the time, were mostly new to the game. Now, names like Matt Dillon, Mickey Rourke, Diane Lane, and Nicolas Cage were all quite new to the scene – and it’s quite exciting to see them at what is perhaps their most vital.

As well as solid performances by greats like Tom Waits and Dennis Hopper, and exquisite black and white photography by Stephen Burum,  one of the film’s best features happens to be (no surprises here) the clothes.

The Incredible Suit‘s Neil Alcock has a really in-depth and comprehensive story on the film’s street gang wardrobe, and is being featured now at ClothesOnFilm. (check that)

It doesn’t take anything more than the 2:21 second trailer to take it all in for yourself, so definitely sit back and enjoy this beautiful gem – a little unpolished, and buried, but we got it unlocked for you right here! So have fun, kids . . . Rebels aren’t bad, just a little  misunderstood.

And, don’t get into too much trouble! Although, don’t say we didn’t warn you….

[Photo Source: TUMBLR]




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  1. The book and in particular the Motorcycle Boy character left quite an impression on me as a 12 year old kid, always loved the movie, thanks for the revisit.


  2. EOF, bringing back memories, Nicholas Cage, and Matt Dillon, man I loved this movie, I was in my first year in the Army when it was released and to see on the big screen was awesome. Coppola, of course you know is Nicholas Coppola (Cage’s) father made this movie so it would live on as a cult classic. Damn good movie, I wonder if you know who Cage’s sister is?


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