E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {August 16th, 2012}

{Katherine Hepburn shows the boys how to roll while skateboarding. Circa. 1967}

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      • As a matter of fact I did see her on stage at the Curran Theater in San Francisco on New Years Eve 1976 in A Matter of Gravity. At intermission the curtain rose unexpectedly and she came out to the center of the stage and said,

        ‘I just want to thank you all for coming tonight and tell you how lucky you are to live in this beautiful city that so loves theater so much. Happy New Year”

        The theater exploded in cheers. It was my favorite night in the theater.


      • Jaw Drop! Literally…Oh my, what a treat! Just from the photo you can see she has a wonderful soul.

        I love her voice. And her cool outstretched ways….she’s like her jaguar in Bringing Up Baby…proud and elegant…a little wild….

        Not too many people as bad ass or full of vigor as her on the Hollywood scene today….

        Your stories make me smile! Absolutely BEYOND!! Thanks for sharing 🙂


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