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Snapshots from The Junction Flea {April 2013} by The Eye of Faith


We had a great day at this month’s Junction Flea – the last at The Great Hall.

Next month will take place in the Lot at Indian Grove and Dundas Street West (which is just up the street from our studio)!
Be there or be square.
Here’s a few pics of our booth, if you missed it or weren’t able to come!



We brought our signature vintage menswear pieces, and some of our secret stash!! We hope to get most of it online by the end of the month, so if you got to rummage through the collection you got a bit of a preview of things to come!


Paul looked great in Great Gatsby American Chic. Manning the booth.


The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed.

-Albert Einstein



Some of our signature vintage fashion images made their way along with us, like the 1940s Rebel Skater Boy!



Shirts galore!



Nancy Wilson LP on the top there. Our fabulous urban chic style stunner mannequin!


Legendary Issues! Naomi, Jourdan, Lara, Natasha, Daria, Freja, Coco, even Faye – they were all with us . .  . Some of the most legendary photo shoots and fashion moments of the last 10 years, and more. We will be getting these online soon, too.


Everyone loved the knight’s helmut. You don’t see that everyday . . .


We can’t wait for next month, where we’ll have even more stylish and mysterious goodies to share!

Wish you could be there, but thanks especially to those who were!

To learn more about The Junction Flea, click here for a link to their site!

Until next time!



Visit us online TODAY!

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1940s Rebel Teen Skater Boy {Vintage Street Style Inspiration}


Some things are simply forever. Diamonds, of course, being one of them, but beyond that we must conclude on Style – an eternal force that can elevate you beyond the realm of time and place, and if you play your cards right, you might just live forever.

Case in point this lovely handsome bad-ass 1940s rebel teen skater boy, we have here….

This photograph is a perfect example of how Style can truly live forever. If I didn’t tell you that the photograph was taken in the 1940s (the snapshot is stamped June 3, 1940 to be exact), you could probably trick someone into believing it was taken maybe yesterday in black and white with a few vintage props. What is it exactly that tricks us into this magic? Well, no trick at all. It’s simply the lasting power of a classic look.


Even while surfing the sidewalks, a pair of pressed khaki trousers seems to do this bad boy fine; and paired with a well fitted black graphic sweater – this look couldn’t be more on point. Round it out with that sickening hair style (a casual part, ruffled by the wind)  and I’d say he looks 2013 bound for me.

So while we’re used to the baggy shorts and zippered hoodies of skater kids of late; we hope all you fine rebels out there can take a note from our wicked skater boy and his style savvy ways, to promote a handsomer approach to being free. Doesn’t mean you have to lose yourself, just check yourself before you wreck yourself.

It’s time to join the pack, and carry on in the lineage of classic style, and keeping cool under pressure. Don’t you agree?

Must have been a real heart breaker, that one . . .

Until next time my vintage friends and fiends!




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E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {December 20, 2012}

I Wish We Could Have This Moment Forever


{“Oh Cal, I wish we could have this moment forever . . . “}


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Lucky number 21, it seems…

Do you have what it takes to make it through those long, cold, fall, and winter months? It may be all sunshine now, but you know that it is coming. I can hear it’s whisper just softly over the wrestling hum of the passing trains…

There aren’t many lucky people out there who can decide their own fate. I’ll take it that you are a lucky one who can…

The mall may me overflowing with stock, but something deep inside of you can’t commit spending another hour roaming its glass walls and shiny floors. Nothing seems to stand out anymore. You think you might need a coffee. Try to commit once more, and no, you’re back to the beginning again.

That combative force is trying to tell you to be free. Believe in me, you have to be free.

Now, in honor of the Fall we have permitted 21 new looks to our collection of stuff in the {SHOP}. What better for the months ahead, than to have for yourself the perfect sweater. A truly versatile article of fashion clothing. If you’re smart about it, a good sweater is something that can truly last a lifetime. If you haven’t been truly concentrating, you might trick yourself to buying a piece that isn’t ready to last even a year.

It’s one of those things, but we were committed to not only find some select pieces which stand the test of time for their inherent style, but also ones that have shown they have held up over the many years with hardly a trace of wear. Guaranteed if it has lasted between 30-60 years, it is most likely going to last another.

If you’re like us, you believe a great stand out sweater can really make an impact, and it’s important to have a lot of them. You can dress them up with a pair of nice pants, or be really casual in jeans…you can layer shirts underneath them, heck, you can even layer knits on top of each other! The combinations really are endless….

There’s a fascinating article about knits for men at Clothesonfilm. Check it out to learn more about the history of knitwear, and how sweaters were used to create the perfect anti hero of Tom Hardy for the film “Lawless“. (click here)

And ladies, don’t be shy either! A sweater is a sweater. If you like it – go for it! Go big or go home.

Speaking of going big, we naturally don’t expect you to have to go over the top with your budget when it comes to looking good. That’s the great thing about vintage! You can really find some great things out there – best part is we make it easy to look good and save. Each sweater ranges in price from $24 – $60.

We’re also running a promo for 25% OFF ALL SWEATERS until the 10th of October. So best check out the ones you like now, because who knows where it might be going. Use code SRETAEWS when you’re ready to CHECK OUT!

So whether you want one or them all, we definitely believe we have +21 SWEATERS+ that really say F%#^$@ ! It all comes back to what we were saying with having choice. You make yours.






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E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {August 16th, 2012}

{Katherine Hepburn shows the boys how to roll while skateboarding. Circa. 1967}

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