Music Minute: Jack White & Wanda Jackson – Black Cab Sessions

The Black Cab Sessions is a series of one-song performances by musicians and poets recorded in the back of a black cab and filmed for an internet audience. A ‘blackcab’ is a taxicab that’s common to Britain.  These sessions are always good, but this one is particularly great!

The motto of the Black Cab Sessions is “one song, one take, one cab.” 

We find Jack White to be quite the revolutionist when it comes to his musical styling. And we adore him because helped reintroduce some of the greatest artists to a fad stricken America. We want to take a minute to show you all this ‘Black Cab’ Jam-sesh with iconic Wanda Jackson.

We get a glimpse on some of Wanda’s reflections on her music, her life, and some insight about the King himself; Elvis!  Oh, and if that wasn’t enough to get a person interested, the cab driver during this session is John C Reilly.

 {The Eye}

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