Photoblast: Women of The Eye of Faith

The social climate is changing, women no longer are merely muses.  They run the world! And we have to say we were a part of the women’s lib movement, right beside Gloria Steinem, we would know Adam from Eve!  The subtlety of the light touch, with a floral aroma so delicate to match.  We enjoy having the divine around morning, noon, and night.

But nothing is simply handed to a gal. It can be a struggle to get power in our chauvinistic world.  Men still out-seat women in congress.  Men are still sitting in the big corporate chairs of big Industry.  There is a blatant theme where we watch power go to the head of a man.  A power which truly only a women should handle.  Dare we say, we may have passed on Nuclear Fusion in pursuit of global free energy?

Theories are theories, but this we know: women are strong, and lovely all at once.  What would the world be without the mothers to the young, and guardians of the heart?  We shudder to think, but we take some time to share this collection with you all today.  Women of the Eye of Faith: strong, defiant and beautifully bold.  From all walks of life, they walked right up to our front door and into our heart. This one’s a doozy so buckle in and enjoy.

The Eye.

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. tedstrutz says:

    Nice post… great pics… sent to my two ‘Women’s Lib’ girlfriends!

    Do you know where the MM pic is from? I’ve always wondered.


  2. stacyblaise says:

    I really enjoyed this post.

    Stacy Blaise


    1. Thank you so much stacey! we’re glad you enjoyed this one! We’ve got alot more to come in the future!

      The Eye.


  3. jill trear says:

    Thanks Ted…..I bookmarked the page for more perusing…..great blog!!! Loved the pic of Marilyn…of course….but so many other great ones….xo


    1. We’re glad you enjoy The Eye of Faith Jill, lots more to look forward in the days to come! 🙂

      The Eye.


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