{circa. 1920s}

artist unknown.


We are hoping our E.O.F. fam is safe in quarantine, and doing their part to flatten the curve against the spread of COVID-19. It has been tough not knowing exactly what to expect each new day. . .

Currently our major events GLAMOUR IN THE HAMMER, and the VINTAGE MARKETPLACE have been cancelled, as well as our weekly KARAOKE CABARET. On top of this, our physical {SHOP} at the HAMILTON ANTIQUE MALL has been closed down, and much of our stock is also in quarantine.

We still encourage you to check out our online {SHOP} as some items we do have on hand, and we will be posting new items that aren’t in quarantine.


Do not hesitate to check out our {SHOP} on ETSY. We are currently listing pieces at 30% OFF, and remember your XIXIXI for 25% OFF. . . that’s a whole lot of savings. We offer FREE SHIPPING in the USA, as well. We encourage you to peruse, and help support the cause during these strange daze. . . if we are unable to ship your item immediately, we will communicate directly with you, and have that item shipped by March 31 (latest).

Thank you for your support and understanding!

Until next time,




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