Music Minute: Anything Anything – Dramarama !!


“Okay, what is it tonight?
Please just tell me what the hell is wrong?
Do you want to eat? Do you want to sleep?
Do you want to drown?
Just settle down, settle down, settle down

I’ll give you candy, give you diamonds
Give you pills, give you anything you want
Hundred dollar bills
I’ll even let you watch the shows you want to see
Just marry me, marry me, marry me”


So not only are we in love with the single; Anything Anything, by Dramarama, but we are obsessed with this one when it comes to Karaoke!  Us boys at The Eye of Faith have become addicted to singing our guts out every weekend.  We suggest it to all, it’s a great stress reliever.

This band originates from L.A. and formed in 1982.  Playing into the whims of New-Wave, with an alternative edge.  We suggest looking into and discovering this group if you want to rock out.


Until next time,



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