E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {January 14, 2013}

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E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day [May 11/2012]

Robert Ripley Holding Box Made of Human Skin. Similar Stories:     

PhotoBlast: Music Lovers of Every Generation

We take in the soundtrack of daily life, like it or not.  It's handed out and eaten up.  But what we don't tune out, sometimes can bring us true bliss.  We find ourselves groovin' on this collection of pictures and decided to share our buzz with you.   Images through the eras, of music lovers…Read more PhotoBlast: Music Lovers of Every Generation

Voodoo Mambo Dandy

Having set up an account with LOOKBOOK to track down the world's most stylish exhibitionist stylistas and fashion witches, we thought it was time to display our own fine feathers. These are some looks that we couldn't include on the site, because of the three photo policy on LOOKBOOK (it's just not enough!). This look…Read more Voodoo Mambo Dandy

Commercial Break: Moonrise Kingdom

We are more than excited to see the new Wes Anderson. This may be his most sublime film yet. { UPDATE } - Beyond Amazing. SEE THIS MOVIE.  Thoughts? - The Eye Similar Stories

The Late Great Valentino: For Rent!

Tragedy came too soon, in the form of Rudolph Valentino's death. Suffering from unexpected appendicitis and gastric ulcers, Valentino spoke optimistically to his doctors about his future, while the doctor's knew the inevitable grim fate of the iconic actor. Passing away August 15 1926, at a young 31, hysteric female fan's threw themselves off buildings,…Read more The Late Great Valentino: For Rent!

Flashback Monday: The Bunny Honey

We stumbled on this, and couldn't resist sharing this gem with the community! We're keeping our fingers crossed for our invitation to the PlayBoy Club. The Eye. Similar Stories