{MUSIC MINUTE} “So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings” by Caroline Polachek

So keeping on the spirit of SCORPIO SEASON and conjuring the darkness and all that fun stuff Scorpio instigates in us all. . . here is a wicked little tune from CAROLINE POLACHEK who seems to have a lot of people talking!

Especially this video where she does some quirky choreography in the pits of HELL! Her outfit is 1000% inspired by THE CRAFT, and this visual juxtaposition with the absolutely heavenly quality of her voice is both bizarre and magnificent!

You may know her from the indie band CHAIRLIFT she co-founded when she was at the University of Colorado (maybe that’s when the darkness set it…Colorado is notorious for that ie. The Blue Mustang pictured above).

Enough talk, lets dive into the deep!

Hope you enjoyed! Let us know in the COMMENTS below…

Until next time,




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