Rebel Kurt! My Most Powerful of Demon Brothers . . .

Rebel Kurt I

{Source: Nick Drake}

Kurt Cobain is someone that keeps reverberating through the pulses of popular culture even nearly twenty years after his mysterious death…

I came across these portraits of Kurt while trolling Tumblr and wanted to share them here on The Eye.

So clear your altars now, because if you’re looking for an idol to worship that exudes that finely tuned rebel spirit then look no further. The invocation starts now . . .

Rebel Kurt II

Meet Our Demon Brother.

The Cult of Kurt lives . . .

Yours Truly,



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    • Isn’t it? I came across it and have been just staring at it for weeks. There are so many cool subtleties . . . I love that weird wrap part of the jacket. What’s with that? He makes the crazy so cool, which is very hard to do. Mad respect!

      Kurt is someone I always draw from – especially when it comes to cardigans. Kurt is king when it comes to cardigans. I follow his preferences: they should be a little over sized and have some texture; just a little fuzz, enough to offset the flatness of your graphic-T. Seperate that with an unbuttoned patterned dress shirt, and top it off with a cool necklace, and you’re set. Like this: !

      In fact, I believe I’m wearing my Kurt Cobain cardigan now…

      Thanks for wandering . . .



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