Music Minute: “Friday Afternoons, Op. 7: Cuckoo”

Please! By all the might of the Gods in the HEAVENS – get your ass to the theaters and check out Wes Anderson’s latest film master marvel- “Moonrise Kingdom”. Themes of young love, destiny, and of course, the unpenetrable forces of nature all collide in this beautifully nostalgic and thoughtful film.

This piece, performed by the London Children’s Choir, and composed by the legendary Benjamin Britten is one of our number one favourites! If you are unfamiliar with Britten and his works, you might be best checking out the film, as the composer and his works are heavily featured throughout! {BUY THE SOUNDTRACK}

Many people delving into classical music for the first time might be familiar with Britten’s “Young Person’s Guide to Orchestra” – a guiding light for millions of people wanting to educate themselves on all the sound and fury classical music provides!



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