“How I Became The Bride of Frankenstein”

Here’s some old time tom foolery to pass the tides. As much a fan we are of vintage clothes and styles, we’ve always felt particularly charmed by magic of toys. This spooky spin on the classic paper doll has all the romance and style we seem to forget when remembering this iconoclast of supernatural style – Frankenstein’s Bride.

and everything else too has uncovered this rare 1964 cardboard cut out classic which cleverly combines style with the classic horror tale. The collection of outifts feature something for every occasion. From the market, to the sea, to the wedding gown itself- there’s definitely something for every ghoulish gal out there.

Got any favourites? Bound to be some gruesomely gorgeous style inspirations to gorge over. A monster for all seasons, indeed. 

[Source: and everything else too]

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