Commercial Break: Seventies Style Orgy – “Baba Yaga” (1973)

Perhaps its the fashion photographer protagonist . . . or maybe the sexy 1970s set decor; most definitely attribute the funky score by Piero Umiliani (you know him - "Mah Nà Mah Nà"), as well as the brilliant presence of film legend, Carroll Baker ("The Watcher in the Woods", "Babydoll"), and those quirky illustrations that appear,…Read more Commercial Break: Seventies Style Orgy – “Baba Yaga” (1973)

{PHOTO BLAST} Friends In All The Right Places . . .

Where would we be without our friends? Here at The Eye of Faith we are wise enough to know the importance of the people we keep close in our lives. It's a method that has been tried, tested, and true . . . To only keep the ones that exhibit that simple true blue. So,…Read more {PHOTO BLAST} Friends In All The Right Places . . .


It's Halloween, and we thought that called for a special {PHOTOBLAST} in honor of the occasion! We've devised a ghoulish buffet of vintage Halloween treats for your eyes and minds to delight in and devour!!! We say this a lot, but some things just never change, and if anything, our brothers and sisters of the…Read more HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! {PHOTOBLAST} – Trick or Treat?!

“How I Became The Bride of Frankenstein”

Here's some old time tom foolery to pass the tides. As much a fan we are of vintage clothes and styles, we've always felt particularly charmed by magic of toys. This spooky spin on the classic paper doll has all the romance and style we seem to forget when remembering this iconoclast of supernatural style…Read more “How I Became The Bride of Frankenstein”

Truly Outrageous and Beautifully Bold!

You may love the hair colour you were born with, but life truly truly truly is too short to pass on an opportunity to go NEON! And why stick with just one tone, you can keep changing your locks, and go brighter and brighter than the time before. One bold head of fuschia, or maybe…Read more Truly Outrageous and Beautifully Bold!