E.O.F. Approved: Epic Bob Marley Tee

We always love a bold print or huge graphic, so finding an awesome print of legend Bob Marley’s face was priceless. Hair lit by stage lights, the bold text across the shoulder, we really wish this was M/L for ourselves, but you can purchase a small over at Monster Vintage if you think it’s as appealing as we do.


The Eye.

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One comment

  1. Love the Bob Marley ‘t’. Definitely catchy. And the format of this website is also very captivating, taking one on a neandering road of adventures in current culture. It’s very ‘forward’ in it’s content, and comprehensive links. Once you begin this journey, it’s a bit like “Alice in Wonderland”. Open your magical ‘see’all’ intuitive ‘eye’, and relax at this magical place called “theeyeoffaith.com”.


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