Bad Ass Professor

Sure, the system seem’s great, but upon further examination, the education structure we’ve come to accept is a crock. At the Eye, we allow any and all curiosities to flourish into intrigue and wonderment, but it seem’s somewhere along history, the creative mind has been sent to the corner with a dunce cap and a prescription for ‘downers’.

Don’t get stuck in the dungeon. Be an example, educate yourself, ask questions and dare to dream. In this ever changing world we live in, it seem’s the one constant is rebellion! Somebody has to shake things up, so why not do something yourself? Make sure you have some great leather, and a backbone.

Go against the grain.

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  1. Like Like Like!!! I’m more often an Ass than Bad-Ass, but at least I make a fool of myself by *being* myself and thinking and doing what creative things I feel compelled to think and do. This cheers me immensely! Thanks for the great day-brightener!


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