GUCCI’s Karaoke Chic !

  If you know us, like really know really really know us; you know that we love a good ol' karaoke jam session with our friends! There's nothing better - you get to let loose a little (often on a strange day such as a Tuesday), maybe get a little glossed and glam, be…Read more GUCCI’s Karaoke Chic !

{Music Minute} Black Sabbath’s “Planet Caravan”

In the spirit of the dunes we thought this timeless classic could definitely coincide. . . This is an ode to Black Sabbath, the mystical heavy blues rockers from Birmingham who knew just the way to make their music crawl. With the use of the occult and horror-inspired lyrics, and one-of-a-kind 1970s rock 'n' roll…Read more {Music Minute} Black Sabbath’s “Planet Caravan”


We've always had a thing for Patti Quatro. The statuesque brunette of the classic Detroit girl group, The Pleasure Seekers, and sister to Suzi Quatro, Patti is a triumphant figure who put the power of beauty, style, and girl power to the forefront of our culture, and helped propelled the things we take for granted…Read more +E.O.F. STYLE DIVINITY+ PATTI QUATRO ! ! ! PLUS {GET THE LOOK}

Music Minute: “My Only Love” by Roxy Music

Bad Ass Bryan Ferry  + These guys are legends, and their music echoes like the voice of a lost memory. Dreams, and fantasy, illusion, and grandeur - these are all summoned by their music. Formed in 1971, Roxy Music lives on today as one of the most popular bands there have ever been, and were…Read more Music Minute: “My Only Love” by Roxy Music

{PHOTOBLAST} Americana-Rama! Happy 4th of July!

We're showing our appreciation for the red, white, and blue and everything in between those bright stripes and white stars that make us love Americana! Amer·i·ca·na noun plural \ə-ˌmer-ə-ˈkä-nə, -ˌmər-, -ˌme-rə-, -ˈka-nə\ Definition of AMERICANA 1 : materials concerning or characteristic of America, its civilization, or its culture; broadly: things typical of America Just to be clear. We've devised a delightful…Read more {PHOTOBLAST} Americana-Rama! Happy 4th of July!

FREAKY FRIDAY: Vintage Ancient Aliens! William Shatner’s “Mysteries of the Gods” (1977)

William Shatner is best known as Captain Kirk in the iconic 1960s sci-fi series (the original, tamer, Battlestar Gallactica), marking his first foray into the world of outer space, extra terrestrials, space ships, and other worldly beings. But in 1977, Shatner released a documentary that would have the Canadian star again looking to the stars,…Read more FREAKY FRIDAY: Vintage Ancient Aliens! William Shatner’s “Mysteries of the Gods” (1977)

E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {August 20, 2012}

+ +  {Photograph by Robert Delpire [circa. 1962]}  + + Similar Stories:

E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {July 27, 2012}

{Brian Jones and Mick Jagger enjoy a food fight at the Kensington Gore Hotel, where the band staged a mock medieval banquet for the launch of Beggars Banquet on December 5, 1968.} Similar Stories: