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{MUSIC MINUTE} “The Devil is Loose” by Asha Puthli

Well it sure has been a minute since we’ve had the chance for another addition to our beloved {MUSIC MINUTE} corner of our blog. Things have been really hectic and full, which is great, but with summer officially in full swing we are hoping to take the opportunity to put up more content here to ensure treasures of the {PAST} can be upheld here in the {PRESENT} and hopefully continue shaping our {FUTURE}…

Here we have a wicked piece called “The Devil is Loose” by one of those icons that everyone should know (but doesn’t) – Asha Pulthi! This song is from her album by the same name, and was her third of eight recorded albums.

Asha was born in Mumbai (formerly Bombay) February 4, 1945 and trained in classical Indian music and opera before falling for the devils of jazz which she infused into her traditional roots. After graduating from a public University in India, she received a scholarship to go to New York City and study with legendary choreographer Martha Graham (that aspect will make total sense when you see her moves in the video).

Her fate was setlled when her appearance on “Aint it Peculiar” by the Peter Ivers Band which was covered by major music magazines like Billboard and Rolling Stone. Her reckless abandon and joyful reverie was heard (and you can hear it too here– HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) and soon she had avant-garde jazz saxophonist Ornette Coleman knocking on her door, or calling her phone? We may never know…but she would make the most prophetic and signature vocals for his out-of-this-world improvisational jazz album Science Fiction, and the rest is history!

She was signed by John Hammond who most famously discovered Billie Holliday, Bob Dylan, and Bruce Springsteen – so very good company indeed!

Like I mentioned, this is from her third album of the same name (“The Devil is Loose”). Sadly not much is written about this album at all (at least in English) since it never saw its release in the US. But throughout, her vocals are sultry, soft, sweet, soulful and mysterious… her voice vaguely reminiscent of Diana Ross and then at other times as great and grand as Aretha Franklin.

Unfortunately for Asha, the money men at CBS London found an easy way out of hoisting her up and getting paid her proper dues when she became pregnant which effectively brought an end to her escalating royalties.

But before they could stiff her completely, performances on British television  would ensure her the right to negotiate royalties that only major acts such as The Beatles were able to obtain at the time- 14%!!! This and coupled with her pregnancy, Asha was shipped off to Germany much the same way The Beatles had been shipped to Hamburg.

However, unlike The Beatles, this choice by CBS London essentially hindered her career much more into obscurity and  allowed for artists like Donna Summer to build their brand off what Asha had rightfully developed.

She herself claims that Donna Summer, alleged Queen of Space Disco, copped her style- not only vocally, but literally too!

According to Asha, during one of her performances in Germany in the early 1970s she was approached by Ms. Summer herself.

Donna was in this moment “belting out songs” according to Pulthi, rather than the subdued dreamy vocals of Asha, inspired by her Hinduistic classical training, which gave that otherworldly style that would become the virtual sound of any major Munich disco…and would soon be adapted by the now famous Disco Queen that EVERYONE has heard of.

Not only that, Donna Summer allegedly approached Ms. Puthli backstage asking where she could find Asha’s custom made dress, to which Puthli would not oblige.

Donna, unbeknownst to Asha, went ahead and asked designer Bill Gibb to which he refused. Them’s the breaks, I guess.

“A lot of people say that this album [The Devil Is Loose] and the other album are templates that later on Donna Summer, Pete Bellotte, Georgio Moroder all ripped off from my sound. Now, remember I’ve mentioned to you that I was suspended because I was pregnant. So at that time was when they jumped on the bandwagon, apparently. This is what I’m told by people in Germany, in the industry. Because when they called me up they said, ‘We want to work with the real McCoy,”

-Asha Pulthi {source: Red Bull Music Academy}

Nonetheless, she is more and more recognized in importance and relevance for her ethno-fusion cosmic disco avant-garde synthy soul vibes, her out of the world stage presence (her moves have also been centred out as a major influence to Kate Bush), and undeniable individuality. A rebel spirit through and through.

Her first album “Asha Pulthri” was shot by Mick Rock who was David Bowie’s official photographer (she would also go on to hire Pierre LaRoche, Bowie’s iconic makeup artist), and was admired by art influencers such as Richard Avedon, Manolo Blahnik Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Diane Vreeland, and even headlined at Studio 54.

Her style was always changing and was always an eclectic mash up of her heritage, the {present} day (for her, {past} for us), and the unknown frontiers of space and time….So, how about that Donna Summer?

She most notably also made an appearance in the obscure Merchant-Ivory art film “Savages”, as one of the three wild women leaving very little to the imagination.

Her music was even literally blasted into space in 2009 from the Goonhilly British Satellite Earth Station on the 40th Anniversary of the Moon Landing. Why, you ask? Well

“{her music is} a form of free-floating, ultra-sexualized intergalactic disco that matched hyperventilating time with erotic electronics and surreal sonic environments. Puthli has gone so far out that she has space walked into inner space.”

As well, she has been sampled by the likes of P. Diddy, The Notorious B.I.G., Redman, 50 Cent, and Dilated Peoples. She even owns writing credits to “The World is Filled” by Biggie Ft. Too Short and Puff Daddy…so yeah!



Nowadays the notion of a globalized pop star like Asha isn’t too uncommon. Artists like BTS get millions of fans around the world; or take for instance, K-Pop Girl Band BLACKPINK who just performed at Coachella…even the song ‘Jai-Ho’ from Slumdog Millionaire went on to win both an Academy Award and a Grammy!

That is NOW…but back THEN, artists to cross-over these racial boundaries were even rarer which is why still today, we can look back in awe on the incredible artistry, bravery and honesty Asha put forth to just be who she is!

I was not encouraged to do my own songs. They wanted me glam, more Shirley Bassey than Joan Baez. I insisted upon including at least one of my own songs, just one. They (the CBS record producers) already thought I was difficult because I wouldn’t change my name. There is a cognitive dissonance when you have a name like mine….They gave me suggestions like Ann Peters, Ann Powers. I said no as I had already won the Down Beat at that time and had a fan base in India. As Asha Puthli!”

Asha Puthli @ The Grammy Museum  {source}

Oh, how wonderful it is just to be yourself!

Some people might even blame THE DEVIL…which I’m sure is why she created this cosmic disco masterpiece.

See for yourself below:


{the dress, the moves, that audience, the song…EVERYTHING}

Luckily, so much of her music is resurfacing so we hope this post will help in the manifestation of her glory. Please enjoy “The Devil is Loose” and let us know what you think in the COMMENTS.

If you are intrigued, Red Bull Music Academy has a wonderful interview with this legend published just this last February, 2019.

We barely scraped the tip of the iceberg with this one, so don’t let us down! Go check her out, channel her spirit, and play those funky cosmic disco sounds hard into the night…


It’s official.

Until next time,




Cloudbusting with Kate Bush and Bad Ass Thinker Wilhelm Reich!!!

When it comes to artists like Kate Bush, they are truly few and far between, if not non-existent! Her music is a wild ride between pop, rock, experimental, and the ethereal sounds of another universe. Haunting, delicate, and slightly witchy… Bush’s music explores unusual themes that many other artists would dare no even attempt.

One of our favourite obscure references is featured in the video “Cloudbusting” which was conceived by iconic British director Terry Gilliam and Kate Bush, herself. Watching the video for the first time, you feel like you are watching a breathtaking sci-fi fantasy accompanied by Bush’s haunting music. However, this story is far from fiction, and is in fact based on the most incredible stranger than fiction true story of scientist Wilhelm Reich.

The video depicts Kate Bush as son, Peter Reich (whose memoir Book of Dreams was an immense inspiration for Bush), watching as his father (played by Donald Sutherland) develops an intricate machine the “Cloudbuster” before men in black come knocking on the door taking the father and destroying his laboratory, as well as taking many of his files for “safe keeping”. As their car drives off, the boy turns the cloud buster to the sky and unleashes a downpour of rain as his father drives off as a captive into the distance.

Strangely enough, this device was absolutely real, and even documented in local newspapers of the time. The basis of its functioning was the concept of “orgone” – an esoteric energy seen as a universal force that could be harvested. This energy was theorized to be an invisible mass of living energy that is omnipresent throughout the universe.

His research garnered a fairly strong following in the United States, with many students who congregated at the Organon Ranch Laboratory (now the Willhelm Reich Museum) located in Rangeley, Maine.

Interestingly Organon is also the formal name of Greek philosopher Aristotle’s works on logic given by his followers…

Being able to control this energy, Reich believed could help people be cured of various diseases or mental health issues (the Orgone Accumulator – a small room made from layers of metal and wood), as well as controlling the weather – hence the Cloudbuster!

The most famous incident would have to be The Maine Blueberry Experiment which took place in Bangor, Maine at 10am on July 6, 1953 after a devastating drought which was directly affecting the blueberry crops that summer. Reich and his assistants set up the cloud buster – a set of hollow tubes suspended over a small cylinder. Later that night

“Rain began to fall shortly after ten o’clock Monday evening, first as a drizzle and then by midnight as a gentle, steady rain. Rain continued throughout the night, and a rainfall of 0.24 inches was recorded in Ellsworth the following morning…The queerest looking clouds you ever saw began to form soon after they got the thing rolling.”

Eyewitness, Bangor Maine (1953)

Much like other great minds in our world, Reich was punished for his forbidden knowledge of the available resources of our universe, and was promptly punished. A salacious article written by Ms. Mildred Eddie Brady also helped to taint his reputation painting him as a sex crazed mad scientist. He was accused of being a communist (of course), and seen as a bit of a loon when he made comments about U.F.O.s (which we all know exist…).  Eventually, the U.S. Food an Drug Administration obtained a federal injunction, and seized and destroyed all orgone-related material.

Reich was put into prison where he would die at the age of 60 in 1957. Thankfully, his knowledge has not been forgotten…although you know they wish it were!!!

Reich was definitely a rebel figurehead; part of the second generation of psychoanalysts after Sigmund Freud. His most distinctive works included Character Analysis (1933), The Mass Psychology of Fascism (1933), and The Sexual Revolution (1936). We definitely always characterize the idea of a sexual revolution with the free love era of the 60s and 70s, but this guy was far beyond his times. During the 1968 student riots in Paris and Berlin, protesters even threw copies of The Mass Psychology of Fascism at the police!

He was quite the activist and fought for the abolition of laws against abortion and homosexuality, free birth control advice and contraceptives,  health protection for women and children, day cares in factories, and the abolition of laws prohibiting sex education. And this was in the 1930s, and people are still fighting for the same things!

Interestingly enough, Kate Bush may not have even known about this story if she hadn’t stumbled upon A Book of Dreams (1973) – a memoir written by Reich’s son Peter Reich by coincidence in 1976.

“I was inspired by a book that I first found on a shelf nearly nine years ago. It was just calling me from the shelf, and when I read it I was very moved by the magic of it. It’s about a special relationship between a young son and his father. The book was written from a child’s point of view. His father is everything to him; he is the magic in his life, and he teaches him everything, teaching him to be open-minded and not to build up barriers… But there’s nothing he can do about his father being taken away, he is completely helpless. But it’s very much more to do with how the son does begin to cope with the whole loneliness and pain of being without his father. It is the magic moments of a relationship through a child’s eyes, but told by a sad adult.”

-Kate Bush

Thank god she did, because when we first stumbled upon this masterpiece we were taken away to another world that is as much fantasy as it is real life…

Funny enough, she isn’t the only rebel poet to be inspired by this story. Punk icon Patti Smith, was inspired by the book’s scene where Peter is convinced a fleet of flying saucers are skimming his boarding school’s lacrosse field to reunite him with his imprisoned father in her 9 minute epic “Birdland”…

Sad that much like Nikola Tesla, or our recent {STYLE IDOL} Jack Parsons,  knowledge and powers that could greatly benefit our world as a whole have to be held captive by greedy forces…

However, if you have that rebel spirit within YOU ready to soar – let it free, and let it be!!!

Definitely if you found all this interesting, please look more into Orgone, Organon, and everything you can Wilhelm Reich!!!


Until next time,



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If you’ve been following us for a while now, you probably know that we host a Karaoke night every other Tuesday at The Baltimore House here in Hamilton, Ontario. In fact, we’re crawling up on two years which is INSANE!!! We have our friends and followers to thank for that, and for every week helping us amp up the madness.

Tonight we are hosting our annual {HALLOWEEN EDITION} of Karaoke, and we know that once you have that giant book of songs in front of you, a choice can be quite intimidating. You think you know what you wanted to sing, but once faced with the endless pages of options, you start to second guess yourself a bit.

That’s why we decided to create a list of our Top 25 Halloween karaoke jams for you to muse over, and hopefully inspire! We’re posting the actual artists’ videos so you can practice alongside the original track.



The track title says it all! When we think of Halloween, we think of a ride to Hell and back saying /singing ‘Hello’ to the fiery red man himself. This one is perfect if you’re into more of a rock n roll jam. We are sensing a crowd pleasing vibe also, if that’s important to you. Frankly, we don’t give a shit about your reasoning; if you choose this jam, you are truly on fire!



OK, we’re already showing a bit of a pattern here, but let’s face it – there are plenty of songs about the Devil, however, they aren’t so many that really capture that old down home kind of feeling the way The Charlie Daniels Band does with their seminal classic “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”. We’re also a sucker for this jam thanks to the 1999 film “SUPERSTAR”. If you’ve seen it, you know what we’re talking about . . .



Now, here’s one for you Top 40 bitches out there. Pure pop to the max. Before Ri Ri was packing for Fenty X Puma and freaking everyone out screaming “BITCH BETTER HAVE MY MONEY”, there was a more reserved Ri (which compared to most people, is still really out there). Halloween is all about turning reality on its head…and this song truly honours those vibes.



If there’s one thing that scare us not just on Halloween, but any day of the week, is the idea of someone creepily creeping and stalking you in the night….walking down the street, in your house, at the coffee shop getting a latte, in an alley; Rockwell, knows…and this is a bona fide classic! Bring those 80s vibes our way!!!



OK, Don’t get mad! We’re not saying all women are evil…..its just the name of a song! Trying to get some of those smooth groove 1970s vibes into the list, and we love the soothing cool of Electric Light Orchestra’s classic “Evil Woman”. Songs like these really work out for karaoke, because, well . . . they KICK ASS! Trust.



What is Halloween without some zombies??? I ask you this! NOTHING. We all know. So, how could we have a Top 25 Halloween Karaoke jams without this 90s classic?! We couldn’t. So, lets get ‘er done kids. Someone put on that whispy airy Irish voice and protest it all. Halloween or not – this is always a killer jam!



We love us some Oingo Boingo, and Danny Elfman just plain never disappoints so count on this Tim Burton alumni to bring the world one of the premium Halloween jams. Now we just need someone brave enough to Karaoke it! Maybe you?



You gotta love it when someone amps up the jams with a little Tom Jones in the house. This one you might not have thought of initially as a typical Halloween classic, however, I’m pretty sure by the end he’s talking about MURDER. If that is not invoking the Halloween spirit, I don’t know what is!



You may not have realized, that this classic 80s song by British chanteuse Kate Bush is actually sung through the perspective of a ghost! SCHPOOOOOKY……making this a certified Halloween jam perfect for the Karaoke stage! And, Heathcliffe ….let the god damn ghost in through the window; she’s cold!



Sometimes its fun to sing with your friends…sometimes. Here’s a duet if you’re feeling nasty. Do I need to explain the allusion to Halloween? Are you friends with a monster under your bed? I didn’t think so. Either way, this is a kick ass karaoke jam for the ages!



There are many words for the Devil. Beelzebub. Lucifer. Belial. Satan. The Rolling Stones kept it simple in this rock n roll jam, and feel sympathy for our forlorn angel of the bottomless pit. The song appeared in the 1994 vampire flick “Interview with the Vampire”, and is definitely a crowd pleaser, but a little practice is recommended before going all out so check out the video above and let those notes soar.



You might not recognize this one, but its the title track for the 80s teen vampire film “The Lost Boys” which features a young bleached blonde Kiefer Sutherland as a bad boy rebel vampire. This song is atmospheric, dark, and moody, and just had to make our list.



You might think it takes more than having a word like GHOST in your title, to make the cut on this list. If you thought that, you’re wrong. Great song though. Definitely kill-a-ble, which we promise is a good thing.



This song is strong, but in particular we want to hear someone rap the shit out of Nicki Minaj’s verse. There’s an istrumental track on Youtube with lyrics, so it can be done. Again, the same rules apply here as the previous song. Sometimes life is that simple.



Forever iconic thanks to “American Horror Story: Coven”. Remember when Stevie Nicks was actually on the show as a witch? That was the shit. A gorgeous song, and a beautiful homage to those bad ladies in black.



Why the fuck has no one done this song yet?! What is wrong with us?!! There is a call out to the universe for someone to grant our {HALLOWEEN EDITION} the honour of someone gracing the stage to sing this timeless party jam. Who you gonna call?



Listen closely; not for very much longer … We gotta admit, whether its Halloween or not, Rocky Horror Picture Show is always a hit with the crowd! We chose this jam, because its definitely a classic, and just not quite done enough on our stage! Has anyone watched the FOX version? Let us know what you thought it the comments below!



We’ve covered the devil, witches, possession, ghosts, zombies, and everything in between, except for WEREWOLVES!!! That’s why this Warren Zevon cult classic had to make it onto this list, and hopefully onto our stage! WAAAAA-OOOOOOO!!!!




We featured Danny Elfman earlier on the list with his 80s band Oingo Boingo’s “Dead Man’s Party”, but this one is especially special, because not only is “The Nightmare Before Christmas” one of the most beloved and iconic Halloween flicks, but Danny Elfman himself did the voice for Jack skeleton! If you love singing a dramatic power ballad, and need the Halloween flare, this is the one for you!



No best list of any kind would be complete without a little Bowie, and our list would not be complete without this spooky jam! Fun for all!



We picked the Joe Crocker version because its one our favourites, but there are many versions of this song out there, so whichever suits your fancy, we’re down. This song always gives us vivid visions of Bette Midler rocking it out in “Hocus Pocus”, so definitely a bona fide {Halloween Edition} Karaoke classic.



This one’s funny, because its not necessarily spooky in anyway, however, we can’t help but homage one of our favourite Halloween haunts “Beetlejuice”!!! Remember the end? With the dancing? And the floating? And all the fun? SHE GOT ADOPTED BY GHOST, PEOPLE! GHOSTS!!!



Always a crowd pleaser, even if its not Halloween! This could be a great group number, just sayin’ . . .



Yes, we have two songs from Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” on the list, but this one is just too apropos to ignore!! In fact, it made it to our Top 2!!! So that’s saying something…a bit of a tongue twister, but ultimately fun! Just remember to have fun….then you can never fuck up.



You may have seen this one coming, but we had to give the number 1 spot to no other song but Michael Jackson’s glorious ultimate Halloween jam “THRILLER”, and believe it or not we’ve never had the pleasure of hosting anyone who put this one in to sing!!! What’s going on here? Hopefully tonight, things could change!


We’ve had a lot of fun creating this list, and hope it helps whatever Halloween Karaoke dilemmas you might be facing!

We start the festivities at 9pm at The Baltimore House, so if you’re in the area and looking for something to do swing on by.

Until we meet again,