90S TEEN DREAM STYLE/SCREAM QUEEN +CHRISTINA RICCI+ {CIRCA. 1995 / 'CASPER' DAZE} "Can I keep you?..."   Girl, you really rock that tattered Victorian vibe . . . Nobody does it quite like you. If you haven't seen this movie...such a shame. Don't forget; although, we got the 90s thing going on - "CASPER, THE…Read more E.O.F. SNAPSHOT OF THE DAY {MARCH 16, 2017}

Pin Up Year: 1945 Esquire

Peruvian artist Joaquin Alberto Vargas y Ch├ívez, who back then went by the moniker Varga, was the illustrator for a 1945 calendar issued by Esquire Magazine. We just love the way the women are drawn, and the classic pin-up style always draws us in. Enjoy this trip down memory lane. Thanks to Pulp International for…Read more Pin Up Year: 1945 Esquire