12 Stages Of Getting Drunk With Your Best Friends

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Thought Catalog

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1. Planning The Pregame

Ahhh, the pre-pregame. A magical, marvelous time full of anxious questions like, “DO YOU THINK DEREK IS COMING?!” and discussing how much everyone plans on drinking…while being fully aware that those estimates will probably change.

2. The Pumped Up Pregame

Probably the most vital step of the entire night. You’ve raided each other’s closets, swapped outfits multiple times, and now you are ready for greatness. This is the time you get EXCITED AND DANCE AND CANNOT WAIT TO HAVE THE BEST NIGHT EVER!!!!

“This one?”
“Yasssss! GOD, I LOVE THIS SONG!!!”

*plays it on loop for the next hour*

3. Photographic Evidence

It’s the beginning of the night and you all look fabulous. And let’s be honest…it probably won’t last. So trust you’re going to want visual evidence. Bonus points if you put it on social media…

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