Monsieur Jerome NYFW – What’s Your September Issue?

Unfortunately we are not lucky enough to be in New York City for Fashion Week this September, but we’ve been getting our full fix of fashion fun and fancy from the undeniable Monsieur Jerome.

Monsieur Jerome knows just how to pick them, and has been giving us a prime view on what’s really happening out there in one of the world’s biggest fashion epicenters! There really is no better place to see what’s really going on, that on the streets. After all, aren’t sidewalks the everyday version of a runway?

Looks like graphic and exotic prints are still holding strong out there in the fashion forum, and I’m seeing more mixing and layering of prints than ever! (Hopefully some shirts in our {Shop} will find good homes just as they did.)

Monsieur Jerome is an especially great style forum since, being a monsieur himself, there is a great focus on menswear in the mix, confidently sharing with the world that real men can indeed enjoy mixing it up with fashion as much as any bangled and fringed fashionista out there.

The thing with true fashion people is that as much as you might try to analyze and pick apart what trends or designers are popular and therefore worthy, the true fashion heart truly is unpredictable, and doesn’t have to play by anybody’s rules…

Year after year, it’s amazing to see all the progress and change that really makes the world of fashion and style such an undeniable and truly fascinating place.

Just because it’s everyday, doesn’t mean you can’t feel great! We also spotted our friend Diego Armand, FAB magazine‘s new {STYLE} columnist, and editor of the Toronto’s hippest online magazine – PERFECTOMAG.COM. So go ahead, and check this shit out!


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8 Comments Add yours

  1. laniersmith says:

    Ah yes where can one find the elusive and beautiful “Marie Antoinette” Shirt? The Great pictures and your lead me over to check out the fabulous Monsieur Jerome.


    1. I WANT that shirt! I NEED that shirt! Where does one get THAT shirt?!

      Glad you checked it out. It’s a great site that Monsieur Jerome has…. 🙂


      1. laniersmith says:

        May the fashion gods grant your wish!


  2. SimplySage says:

    Hi. You’ve got quite a place here. Love the sidewalk runway!
    I want to thank you for following my blog. I consider it an honor.


    1. No problem, Alexandria! Thank you so much for roaming our landscape…


  3. julialinn says:

    Absolutely love the outfits!


    1. Thanks! There are so many, it was hard to pick!


  4. Really cool selection down here! Lucky you to have been to the show!

    Kiss from Milan


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