E.O.F. Crazy Xmas Holiday Gift Gallery!


So, it’s been officially two years since we first premiered The Eye of Faith, and this year more than any has been a roller coaster! Lots of highs, some lows, but overall a helluva good time! I can’t express how much joy it gives me to see everyday the hordes of readers that flock to The Eye of Faith, and all I can say to that is we are extremely grateful for all the worldwide support we have been getting!

I love to wake up in the morning and see your comments, and scan your likes, and see where you’re all coming from. It’s quite the thrill.

Granted, not everyone gets it, but those who do, I’m happy we found what you were looking for!

So, in true E.O.F. fashion we wanted to give back a bit to our readers, and have curated a Crazy Xmas Holiday Gift Gallery for you all to muse over. There’s plenty of awesome vintage inspiration in the midst of this gallery so watch out for all the weird, wacky, lame, and tame offerings we have gathered for you all, and hope you sincerely enjoy!


What she said . . .


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