Fashion Flash: “Some Lost Bliss” Erik Andersson for Another Man Magazine {shot by. Alesdair McLellen}

Here’s a shoot done by Alesdair McLellen for Another Man Magazine entitled “Some Lost Bliss”. The shoot is styled by the talented Alister Mackie who brings some really rad vintage pieces to life by mixing them in with current high-fashion pieces (that really knock-off vintage looks anyway, but W.E./Whatever).

We love the beach locale, and the care-free summer attitude instilled in the young Erik Andersson who stars in the shoot. Andersson is being called by some the new Andrej Pejic, but in this shoot he really channels some pure fun rebel soul. We just picked our favourites, so make sure you check out the rest (here).

And we like that here, at The Eye of Faith. So don’t forget to wear your true colors, friends and followers…we will be watching.



[Source: New York Models Blog]

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