Christmas, Christmas Time is Here…

Our Very Vintage Christmas has arrived, and not a moment too soon! Been dying to share some lost memories, as mentioned earlier.

No fancy video, but enjoy the song as you peruse the small collection of X-mas fun and fancy. Couldn’t not, really. Looking forward to bringing more Vintage joys into the new year!

Check out the past!

Shock value.

Santa Saves.

Christmas Joys.

Shock Value.

Happy Holidays faithful followers and friends, and an equal Happy Holidays to all you kind strangers!

Sincerely into the Future,

-The Eye x

One comment

  1. Outstanding! I notice on that first photo of Christmas Past, the gent with the cocktail in his hand has only *that* hand visible. One wonders what the other hand has been busy doing, given the surprised and slightly horrified expression on the lady in *front* of said invisible hand. Christmas certainly has its potential for unexpected adventures! 😉 Terrific pictures.–as usual.


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