Twas the Night Before Xmas….Well Almost.

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet?

Few more stops, and we’ll be there! It’s hard to believe believe that in only a few nights that Jolly Man in Red will appear! Hope he can find his way without a chimney….

Something makes me think he knows a lot more about the real world than we can even begin to imagine! Talk about Hyperspace . . . All I know is, no matter what we’re celebrating, we can all come together to celebrate our love, life, and family.

Being a vintage company, we’re looking forward to a Very Vintage Xmas this year! Hope you are too! There’s something comforting in bringing the past with you, especially during the Holidays! It’s the best time to visit old memories, perhaps some lost ones too.

We hope you’re all having fun out there, and always appreciate the support. So, here’s one for all of you out there:


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