{MUSIC MINUTE} “Sunset Boulevard / Main Titles” by Franz Waxman

{circa. 1950} It has come to my attention that there may be people out there who have no idea about Sunset Boulevard – only one of the best films of all time by iconic director Billy Wilder. This disturbs me slightly, so here’s a glimmer of that inspiration in guise of one of our classic {MUSIC…

{STYLE WISE – SUMMER EDITION} Surf Dudes with Attitude!

While not all the gentlemen seen in this series have surf boards in their hands, they all undeniably possess that wicked spirit of the surf. Spontaneous, effervescent, and wild like the waves, these are men of the past who have found sanctuary in the beauty of the ocean, and have used its energy to conjure…

E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {August 5, 2013}

If you need help, this is the place!!! Don’t forget to let your friends know The Eye of Faith {Vintage} is where it’s at for all your vintage musings! Take a trip down the rabbit hole . . . After all, you might shock yourself at what you find! Click on any of the categories…

{STYLE WISE} – “Stranger Than Paradise”

“STRANGER THAN PARADISE . . . “ by The Eye of Faith On a journey through the mystery of the most beautiful place on Earth. Taking us to a world both wild and exotic, this series was inspired by the faded 1940s dreams and memories of life on the high seas in the South Pacific….

E.O.F. Snapshot of the Day {August 24, 2012}

Jeff – The”hot man” from Chicago. We have plenty of good times ahead of us this year and next, plus four year of Princeton! Best of luck in tennis this spring and always, Arch + Unusual {Eye} Catching Vernacular Now Available at The Eye of Faith {Shop} 100 % ORIGINAL + Similar Stories: