Robert Cornelius - Self Portrait - 1839 The FIRST 'Selfie' , as well as the first ever photograph of a human being in history. Not bad for a dead guy . . . {source} “Why do you like me more when I was prouder and wilder, more full of words, yet emptier?” ― Friedrich Hölderlin…Read more {PHOTOBLAST} ‘SELFIE’-CENTERED SOCIETY

E.O.F. STYLE IDOL: Peter Beard {Into the Wild}

HALF BYRON / HALF TARZAN - Bob  Colacello on Beard in "Holy Terror" + {b, 1938} Who wouldn't want to be Peter Beard ? The "wayward wasp" from New York City was born to wealth, coming from an aristocratic family (his great grandfather founded the Great Northern Railway in 1857; his grandfather, Pierre Lorillard III, a…Read more E.O.F. STYLE IDOL: Peter Beard {Into the Wild}