we love gillian anderson // +  tennesse williams' 'a streetcar named  desire' =     THE WAY WE SEE IT, THIS REALLY COULD BE A GIFT FROM THE GODS + PLEASE ENJOY WHILE YOU CAN Who knows how long it will be available for your viewing pleasure . . . Absolutely amazing footage of The…Read more {TRIFECTA} SCULLY // GILLIAN ANDERSON // BLANCHE DUBOIS

{STYLE WISE} Wild for Kicks! ‘Beat Girl’Est Tres Chic!

From the cusp of 1960's culture came a film documenting wild teen tomfoolery and squaller.  Daughter of local divorced architect father, was born Jenny; an impressionably sexy young woman who falls into the towns scene of beatnik culture and electric youth. When Jenny's divorced father Paul marries a Parisian woman named Nichole, Jenny's distaste for the…Read more {STYLE WISE} Wild for Kicks! ‘Beat Girl’Est Tres Chic!